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Anyone shoot Elite bows?

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by jffl25, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I am thinking about buying a z28 or a Hunter. Love to hear your thoughts. The good. The bad.

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  2. Personally I think the Z28 is one of the best hunting bow ever made...My only issue was I could not get used to the factory grip..But a aftermarket grip from torqueless solved that problem..I do recommend you get the serial number from a seller an check it with Elite prior to purchase..Some got sold by the machine shop under the Elite name..But will not carry the transferable warranty...If you need more info feel free to PM me..

    Here is a 35yrd group from my 2010 Z28,when I was sighting it in lasttime


  3. Thanks for the reply and nice grouping!!

    You still shooing your z28? If not, why did you switch? Also, did you have any critiques of the bow?

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  4. I have a gt500! only bow I have ever owned. I personally think the grip is great. I shot alot of bows before i purchased mine and as soon as i shot it i bought it! I know Smokn arrows closed his shop but still has a few bows for sale! He is in hamilton ohio area!
  5. Yes I am still shooting it...And that should say something because I can buy a new bow every year if i wanted(per the wife).And I shot just about every 2012 bow out between the ATA show and a few dealers

    .The Z28 is extremely smooth throughout the draw cycle..The ramps up quickly to peak weight,early in the draw cycle,after which there is long transition into a deep valley.The back wall is about as solid as any bow can get..The bow will allow you to creep without wanting to take off on you..Mine set at 59LB almost seems like it wants you to push the bow string to let it down..Very little jump or handshock(bare bow no accessories on it)..Sound output is about average to slightly better then average.I hope that covers it
  6. Both the cams have stops which give it a super solid backwall.

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  7. True story:thumbs_up:
  8. Come on now Nick you know you want a Pearson.
  9. Nice shooting. Nothing wrong with the bow or shooter.

  10. I have a Pure right now. Very stable and nice shooting bow. I bought it to use for 3d but didnt get to shoot as much as i wanted and it shoots so nice im keeping it around for deer season. Ive had a gt500 and a close buddy has had a gt500, gto, xxl and xlr. All were very nice shooting bows! They have a great warranty that is transferable as well!

    I personally love the grip and backwall, so its an easy choice for me.
  11. I shot Elite for a few years.. I was a small Elite dealer when they came out in 2006 up until 2010
    Very good bows and IMO, the GT500 was their best bow
  12. :confused:...Never heard of them Kris:mischeif:

  13. Definitely do want the warranty. Great bows