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Anyone make jigs?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by j_blocker, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Anyone out there pour there own jigs?

    I'm looking for 1/4, 1/8, 1/16

    To fit on twister tails.

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  2. I have a round head jig mold. I believe it goes from 1/6 to 3/8. I looked at it and it doesn't give weights just hook sizes. It's made by Hilts.

  3. Would you be interested in selling any?

  4. Jason

    You can order a mold from Bass Pro shops, Do it Mold, Janns, etc. Prices (for the same mold) will run from about $25-30. You will need a small pot to melt-a Hot Pot is fine. Not hard to do, then you can make large quantities. I think is the easiest to order from. Go to their online store link from there.
    You can get lead from the scrap yards from about $.25-.35/ pound. Pipes are good, stay away from wheel weights.
    I think maybe Janns will sell you bulk quanities of jigs. Depending on how many you really need, it might be better to order them. With USPS at $3.85 for the 1st pound, and then it goes to about $6.00 for 5 lbs it wouldn't be feasible to have someone mail them to you. Of course if you were close to someone & could pick them up, that might work.
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  5. I'm flexible, i was hoping that someone with kids allready and didn't want anymore would be into this. I have thought about getting a mold, but then lead kind of scares me. I live about 15 mins from janns, so i might just go there. What does it cost to make them.


  6. What is wrong with using wheel weights? I use lead from different sources. I don't see nothing wrong with wheel weights, they are cheap and easy to use.
  7. thanks to the mover of this thread

  8. wheel weights

    you can use them for sure..its just the QUALITY of that lead is very poor..even DO-IT mold tells ya not to use poor quality lead in the directions(ie wheel weights).
    I get my lead at a scrap yard for $0.20 a lb. its nice high quality x-ray room 1/8" thick sheets..easy to cut down to size even for small melting pots.
    Blocker, i have a jighead mold that makes 1/32 oz & 1/16th oz for tying my own "hair-jigs" and "feather-jigs" for whitebass and skipjack herring.
    As far as pouring lead, naw its good for helps me get my lead fix through the winter til spring when i can go back to chewing on the lead sinkers on my cast
    Good fishing to all,
  9. Wheel Weights

    they are a little harder than pure lead, that is why you can break them with your hand. There is nothing wrong with using them, I use them all the time myself, I melt them down on a burner on my grill, skim off all of the junk and clips then pour them into ingots that are nice and clean. That way when I need to melt some I have nice clean lead on hand. I wouldn't use them for casting bullets because they are harder than pure lead but for sinkers they are fine..
  10. Wheel weights

    Just a suggestion, they are usually DIRTY and have that clip. They work, but it's so much easier to not fuss with all that debris from them.
    I catch your drift about not wanting any 3 headed children :p :eek:
    Might not be a bad idea to just buy new ones already painted to lessen your exposure even more.
  11. So MRFISH is doing your own a problem arund little ons? Im planning on buying one at Jans and doing my own also! Now you've got me wondering?????? Glenn
  12. Hey Jiggy

    I pour all my sinkers & jigheads in the garage, just to be sure!
    I fire up the heater and crack open the garage door a little .Helps pass the slow time of winter.
  13. We pour about 1000 per season. Got molds from 1/16-3/4. All the colors of paint they make. We do sell them as well!! Shoot me a pm tell me what you want and how many. Also type of hooks, bronze or gold and we will get working on it!!
  14. I do use the wheel weights and good lead. I kinda melt them half good and half wheel weights. I use that for sinkers and the good lead for jigs and sabots. Just used to work in a garage and got all of them for free. :D
  15. 'jiggy.....

    I pour all mine outdoors. I try to dodge the smoke too. I'm working on a set up in my spare apartment ( 2F house). I 'm going to run a range hood & then maybe hang some canvas or something off it so ALL the fumes go out. I have close to 20 molds, and it's really a pain to take the pot out on the porch, all the hooks & usually when I pour, I keep at it about 8 hours or so. I like to do enough so I don't have to do it again for awhile. I usually only use about 5 molds, but have to alternate. If you pour in an enclosed space, use ventilation, ie. fan in a window & set the pot up near the fan.
    It can be dangerous, so be sure to wear gloves- leather work gloves , goggles are recommended too. NEVER - ever put any water in your pot----like a pipe that has a few drops in it !!
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  16. Hey jason,

    If I can find some hooks around here, I'll pour you up some jig heads and give them to ya next time i see ya. I've got a ton of lead lying aroung. What sizes you want? e-mail me