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Anyone going prairie dog hunting this spring

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Hey is there anyone on here planning a trip out west this next spring to PD hunt?

I am starting to make are plans.
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Where abouts are you planning to go Rick?

I am sorry about not getting back with you lastnight but my wife and I went chirstmas shopping and didn't get back home till late.

We go in the area of Rosebud, SD.
My buddy knows alot of the ranchers in that area.

So do you go out there?
No I havent been there. If I did go I know a few people out west I could hook up with. I was curious and interested in your fun. Do you go there for more than just the prairie dogs? Like some yotes and such?
what do you guys do with dead prarie dogs?


After you hit a prairie dog with a V-Max there is not to much left.

We do some coyote hunting but not a lot.

Last July we did hunt snakes for the rancher, we must have got around 25 to 30 big snakes for him.
I'm no animal rights activist or anyhitng, but isn't that like going out and shooting bullfrogs with a shot gun? Kind of a waste? I ask why? It seems pointless to me. I know prarie dogs cause problems, but theres got to be a better way than going out and shooting them.


The state of South Dakota will not let the rancher do anything less with tham but shoot, and have they want tham shot is there cows brake there legs in the wholes.

When I go out there I do alot of long range shooting.
There is a difference between shooting a bullfrog with a shotgun and prairie dog hunting. Prairie dog hunting is legal out west and shooting a bullfrog isn't.:D

Hunting the prairie dogs is the most cost efficient legal tool for the landowners to ue. As a hunter I would "aim" to please.:D
As a hunter you should eat what you kill

check it out



might be bable but research has been done
Rick ...what is the best time of year for a trip like yours?

the research there is biased fictionalized propaganda done by a animal rights organization. No better than PETA. Surprised to see a "sportsman" use that on a hunting/fishing forum. :(
Tell me what you want, so let me say this as more of a fishermans point of view, say i go out and shoot a thousand carp a day with a bow/arrow and leave them to rot, is this about what you guys do with prarie dogs? dosne't make much sense to me.

wow a thousand carp in one day?????

Can I help?:D That would be great fun.:cool:

At least smoked carp is good. Sorta hard to light them though.:confused:

Sorry I couldnt resist....me bad
:D :(

Ok ....let me think a sec...(OUCH)....... how would you like it if your dog fell into a groundhog burrow and broke it's leg. You look around your yard and see dozens of burrows...(You have a BIG yard).... even in the garden you have worked very hard at. Half your veggies are gone. But you wont shoot the groundhogs even though it is the only legal way you are allowed?
Prarie dogs are only a problem if you make it, and people have made them a problem. My dog wouldn't fall in a hole becasue well to tell you the truth he's smarter than that, a garden you say, theres got to be a better way, like ultra hi pitched sounds or maybe i'll get a few dogs and let them eat those suckers, the dog won't go to waste. Is killing a ground hog any different than killing a carp becasue it ate your lure? the answer is no, let nature be. I'm asuming that its legal to have dogs and ultra hi frequency is legal to use on "pest" species out west. Lastly I would not to live out west, way to many problems if its not one thing its anohter. I enjoy the great lakes aren't they great? I wouldn't shoot a prarie dog and leave it lay, atleast do something useful with it. What on gods green earth makes you want to just kill? It serves only one purpose, and that is to fix a problem that the farmers made for themselves. There is no right way to solve this problem


:rolleyes: I guess you might be more comfortable at the peta site?
I'm just a strong believer in kill all you want but eat what you kill

OH and the people at PETA would love my avatar, me covered in blodd, and another thing the fish tasted great, the eggs went for bait, and the rest made great fertilizer for a strugling oak tree in the northern michigan sandy soil. You call it sporting , i call it wastefull.

Okay Jason...I believe ya;) me sorry

I just wish I was eloquent to state the reasons why we hunt. Even if we do not eat the meat from the game.(Some of it tastes awful for one). I have never hunted prairie dogs and doubt if I ever will. I just support the hunters that do with my whole being.
Just like I support all fisherman regardless of what they fish for.
I want my children to get the same opportunities.

Til Later
you do any fishing, alot ofg people from toledo on this board, we should get something together and slaughter some walleye:) or hang a few hogs as some of these guys would put it

PD Hunting

The best time I have found it to be and the weather is nice is the end of June and the first part of July to PD hunt. But its hot and you want to drink alot of water.
If you go before then you may have some bad weather and you all ways want to have a 4x4 with you so if on of the bad stroms come up you can get out.
Out in that area blacktop roads are hard to find.
Hey if you love to shoot PD's are the thing and you will get hook on it if you try it.
Out in SD you will also find that alot of rancher's will buy you lunch just for doing there shooting for tham.


I can tell you this ones you hit a PD with a V-Max bullet of some kind there is not much to go picking up. You leave tham lay for the coyotes.
Hey if you ever got to stop by a ranch out west that has 1000's and 1000's of PD on just ask the rancher what he thinks about that.
The first thing he will tell you is they are grass eatters and they eat everything plus the grass they feed there cows.
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