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Anyone been out lately?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Flatheadmaniac, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Im heading out Weds. & Thurs. afternoon to try to get my Dec. smallie, only need one this month to complete my quest of a brownbass each month this year!
    With the ice finally melted off, the streams will be up flowing pretty good(plus with this rain), so finding them will be easy..will they bite?..probably, but i got to get out there to find out.
    Good luck to any one that ventures out this week,
  2. Where do you normally fish for winter smallies? I havent tryed fishing for them this late in the year! Do you fly fish or jig What do you prefer? Glenn

  3. hey Glenn

    I mostly fish smaller streams in central ohio(sorry but the Smallmouth Alliance guys asked me NOT to post where on the net).

    Baits for this time of the year depend on a lot like water conditions and temps. I personally like high water with consistant day/night temps for atleast 3-5 days in a row. But each guy has his own favorites.

    Where?.... find the deep wintering holes is the first key....

    A lot of guys prefer very slow crawling hair-jigs, some prefer rubber baits like tubes and the magic "senko".
    I on the other hand like to CATCH fish during these tough times and stick to "natural" baits that smallies feed on during winter.
    Bites are sometimes very tough, but the pay off is most of the time a very big smallmouth. All of my 20"+ smallies have come from the months of oct.-march

    For a great source on stream smallmouth bass fishing check out or my web site in my signature "Smallie Chasers Association".
  4. yes.. i went out today.. caught nothin but ice.. hoping that tomorrow will be different ..i havent try the soft jerkbait yet and will give that a go tomorrow.senko did not produced was not the day for them..i guess.... lets hope the weather holds up..
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  5. hey Looker

    I hear ya...going to be rain/freezin rain tonight through morning..then suposed to be in the 50's by afternoon.
    All i need is for the ice to be off the streams to catch them, last trip there was lots of ice..couldnt get a bait to where the fish were:( .
    Good luck to ya,
  6. i can handle the ice on the guides.. but ice on the line roller is hell..i dont enjoy the line twist. also i didnt see any baitfish at all..if i locate those little suckers.. i be set..:cool:
  7. Hey FM...

    I haven't been out in the past 2 weeks. I was steelheading on the Rocky.

    I have 2 weeks of vacation coming up. I will definitely head up to the tribs and try to catch something. A guy I work with went Sunday and caught 13 steelhead and 2 salmon. His brother caught 9 steelhead. He brought the pictures to work yesterday. I may have to get some info from him.
  8. Dave

    Man that sounds like they had a still going t try for my first steelhead out of a stream during my 2 weeks off at x-mas time this year.
    I did go out today(12-18-02) and i not only finished my quest to catch a smallie each month this year, but the last one of this season was 20"..guess im ending this year on a good note.
    I caught two smallies today in a few hours one 20" and one 17", that puts my way over 300 smallies for 2002.
  9. It figures I got ten days off work comming up soon, probably be cold and wet:(
  10. i hear ya Jack

    I also have 12 days off for x-mas and after looking at the forecast it is ging to be a cold one this year....cant believe that last Dec. i was still fishing in a tee shirt and caught smallmouths consistantly until my last trip of 2001 on Dec. 23rd..then started again Jan. 9th.
    Jack get ahold of me and we will meet up for some channel cat action IF everything isnt frozen over and temps at

    I want to hit a spot that i heard about before where a very few older gents catch some big channel cats(up to 20lbs) during the winter. I'll scout it out and let ya know what i find.
    I was at that same water they fish last winter, i was catching lots of whitebass very early in the year(with some days producing up to 80 WB a day), i saw these two older gents but didnt know at that time they were catching channel cats...sure wish i would have known back then:(
    Sure hope this cold weather tapers off after Jan.???:confused:
  11. NEATO !!!!

    How do you join the Smallmouth Alliance !!! That sounds really cool !!

    How much does it cost?

    Do they have a website?

    How about a clubhouse somewheres?

    Do I get a decal for my car window?

    Do they have monthly meetings?

    Do I get a news letter letting me in on all the secret spots and special smallmouth lures?

    Sounds like a terrific alliance man !!! Count me in !!!!
  12. well....

    I guess ya get all kinds on these public message boards:rolleyes:

    The Smallmouth Alliance IS a real group and NO i dont belong to them..i stand for the same things us them like protecting our streams from over harvest, strictor regs. for smalmouth(they helped pass the law a few years ago on a local stream).
    They do have a club, i dont have that info for ya..they do have decals and do have meetings.
    I used to belong to another forum and used to post where & how but was sent about 10 private messages and e-mails asking me NOT to give out that info. because these fish can be over harvested very easily by those who dont practice catch & release like i do....i agreed, end of story,
  13. I have also been asked to keep it to myself about the maumee before.

  14. blocker

    I sure understand, when i first got on the net i had lots of pics. and storys and couldnt help myself...but after i was asked to PLEASE not give out areas and was explain very well hit me and i totally agreed.
    These type of message boards are very common now for our state and there are a TON of guys that dont join just "lurk" trying to find out where everyones catching..thats ok, but the ones looking to fill thier freezer full of fish from your spots are the ones i worry about.
    Some guys that are experienced in fishing "get it" others find it stupid that we dont post ALL the info....and thats ok, everyone entitled to thier opinions! some day they'll learn!
    Good fishing to all,
  15. Well Shucks

    I was hoping I could join with that Alliance thing!! I just want to make some new buddies and find some great new spots ...You know .............I wonder If I could get a Decal anyway ( for my Window).........I like Decals and stuff.

    Oh well..........Good fishin'
  16. And since then i have kept it to myself, it only makes sense.
    One of these days i'm gonna make up a great "fake" post and for the report, ask all who view it to reply, even if its there fifth reply, I'd like to know really how many lurkers there are out there. I would like to see a 1:1 ratio of views to posts

  17. wise

    ive been around enough forums to know when someones trying to fool around..this is a FISHING forum.. NOT the GFO, Jacks or my message forum, thanks
  18. blocker

    I bet you'd be amazed at the # of lurkers...just look sometim on the GFO at the amount of guests per day..they never join..just come to find out where to fill a stringer. This forum will be the same after the word about it gets out.
  19. I'm doin it on the NW page

  20. fake post

    didn't take long to get 11 views,but 8 were mine:rolleyes: :D