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Anyone been out after some fish yet(in Ohio) in 2003?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by Flatheadmaniac, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Im heading out at 10am til 3pm with a work/fishing buddy named Jeremy for some smallies , hopefully?
    This crazy weather pattern of cold..then warm for two days, then back to bitterly cold is certainly not my favorite pattern to get fish to start feeding..but it will have to do for now. I'd rather have 3-5 days of consistant temps, but like i'll have to do for now!
    Wish us luck,
  2. I MIGHT get the boat out and go cattin' on Saturday. That's a BIG might. Otherwise I'll be hittin' it from shore. Hopefully the shad are up in the tailwaters so I can stock up.

    Man......gotta charge the batteries up and all that stuff........time to go check the weather for this weekend.

  3. Okaaaayyyyyy.......High of 25 low of 8 with possible flurries. Last time I casted for bait in those conditions my net was frosting up between casts! Can you say dress warm:cool:

    Why do you think im going TODAY man....going from TWO days of nice weather, back to freezen..its my only hope to get a fish on SOON!

    I do have a good bank spot in mind thats suposed to produce some big channel cats this time of the year..i'll give ya a shout if the weather gives us a break later this month?
  5. Sounds good. Hopefully we'll get that 50 degree snap we usually get........I hope this was not it? Maybe I'll just go to Fisherman's.......that'll cure what ails yah!
  6. Good luck, post some pics!!! I am not going out agin till March.
  7. March ??

    Jack, they'd have me in a straight jacket if I had to wait until March !!
    I would be fishing today in the river, but I think it's way too high. :(
  8. Oh, heck

    I just's real fishable under 32'. I might have to think about this !!:eek:
  9. You guys can thank me......

    I brought back this warm weather for you !! ;)
  10. Thanks Jim!!!! I will not fish anymore in weather conditions like this..common March:D
  11. I'll have to wait until march too......until then it's time to restock the boxes and polish my reels up.
  12. Times a wastin' !!

    I'm going to hit the river now with my son. See ya later.....:D
    Only got 250 pictures & 12 videos from Santee, need more shots !!
  13. man....

    water was high..but luckly clear.
    Only one smallie caught today, but hey its a start!
    I'll post the pictures on my smallie chasers site later today, then put the link to it on this thread.
    Jack, you were catching some good numbers of channel cats last year in Feb. were'nt ya?
    I'll still do the cold water smallie thing jan-feb then maybe starting in late feb i'll make a few trips to the ohio r. trying to hit some of those first run whitebass ..has been fun in past years, hope this ones even better..come on spring!
  14. Re: Times a wastin' !!

    ........................You go on now Mr Feesh..........Ill just stay here and work LOL


    It is Nice out today

  15. I drilled a couple of holes this year all ready, casted my arms off for saugeye but I haven't caught a fish yet. Gonna try tomorrow around 5 pm for saugeyes at Indian Lake if the open spots stay open. I really need to catfish though, maybe I ought to look into the small creeks around here and see what I can find. I too would go crazy if I had to wait till march to fish.

  16. I'm thinking about going to the tailwaters for some saugeye. I'm out of my favorite jigs though......time to place an order. I've never fished for anything this early in the year. Gotta do something with my time off.
  17. I dont know if I can wait for March, lets just hope the ice, and high water stays away:(
  18. Went & got my shots !!

    Wise1...I don't have time to download/upload. Fish didn't cooperate either. Had an interesting thing, got to see a shad kill. Don't know why, but a bunch started floating by just before dark. I netted some figuring there'd be a hot bite. Some were still alive. I was reasonably close to one of the discharges. I stayed an extra 1/2 hour with ther fresh shad bait, but no bites.:(
    I'll post you the picture of it, took some in the dark !
  19. Wise1

    Here's that shad kill I promised. I bet there was a feeding frenzie somewhere downstream last night.
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