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Any Tips?

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by Ohio Bill, Dec 17, 2002.

  1. Hello...I was wondering if anyone had any tips to get coyote in bow range....i see them every once in a while in my stand but they never come close...thx:D
  2. coyote calls

    There are a lot on the market now, we always use an electronic caller to draw them into the low land areas we hunt...with the riffles we use, we only need to get them with in a few 100 yrds..but you could sure call them to with in bow range if you were in a tree stand.

  3. Go to Walmart or any other store that carries dog toys. Buy one of the stuffed animals that has a squeeker in it, should be about $3.00 or so. Cut out the squeeker, and cut a small hole in it to allow you to blow through it. Keep it in you coat pocket whenever out hunting. If you see a coyote or fox that looks like it will pass out of range, do your best to imitate the distress calls of a mouse. Not real loud, just enough for it to here you. It's never a sure thing, but it works often. That's the easy part, the hard part is getting drawn and making the shot. When they come in, they'll be on alert. Good luck.
  4. Just try a mouse squeaker

    If your seeing them while bow hunting and not really hunting just for them, try using a mouse squeaker that you can pick up for about $5 at any sporting goods store that selld predator calls. They usually can't resist them and will come right in. Also keep your eyes open for fox when using it. Fox will often come running in especially if your hunting near a thicket.

  5. If you want to save a couple of bucks, forget buying a squeaker. Lick the back of your hand, pucker up like you're getting ready to kiss your aunt Gladys at the family reunion, then suck gently on the wet hand with your puckered lips. With just a little practice you can imitate the squeak easily.