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Any other Women Hunters?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by TheViperess, Dec 18, 2002.

  1. Well I am one.:eek:

    I am Nut's wife or Nut is my husband.;)
  2. wife would say she has a Nut for a husband too :D

  3. She always does this to me. Signs up at the message boards just to keep me under control.:mad: ;)
  4. now thats just wrong . lol Hang in there brother

  5. I'm sure you'll find plenty of women hunters on here, heck isn't nearly every man at some stage in his life?:) On the other doubtful that you'll find many women that hunt on this new page.

  6. Welcome to the forums, TheViperess.


    Well, ya know...Anyone who has the name Nut, might need that kind of supervision... ;) :p
  7. supervision????????? Is that when they use whips and chains? Is that normal???:confused: :D ;)
  8. If you're married it's very normal and actually accepted in most cultures, including here in the US. ;)
  9. its normal if you like it. lol

  10. My wife said, she just wants to make sure we don't corrupt you.:D
  11. me get corrupted??????????? Not a chance.;) :D :eek:
  12. :( always check to see who is logged in first;)
  13. Hey Vipress,
    remember me? I was looking for your email the other day to send you this site. Glad you found it:)
  14. TY Stelmon.
    Good to see you here. Nice to see someone other then the Nut that I know on the boards.
  15. How about the bamboo viper? She is back in town :mischeif:
  16. yup i understand now that i'm in that delemma...i dont know how to handle it...:mischeif:
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  17. Elitest

    Elitest Banned

    My ex wife used to log onto websites to see if I was talking to other women. She ain't my wife anymore.
  18. geezer

    geezer Banned

    Hi Viperess - welcome to the site :D :mischeif:

    geezer's momma