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No Dice

Went out with my Son on Friday. Saw zip. We hit 5 fields and the wetlands areas. I am starting to think that Coyote may not be the only reason that our small game is down. Growing up I would seldom see Raptors but I would see lots of squirrel, rabbit, Groundhogs and chipmunks. Over the years with the new EPA guidelines we are seeing a huge increase in raptors. Seems like everytime I find a good "perfect" spot for a small game species there are inevitably a few raptors soaring around. I am itching to find good groundhog territory to but every time I talk to a farmer they say for the most part the hogs have dried up and they blame yotes.

Anyway that is just my 10 cents on hogs and on Deer Creek.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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