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Any Die-Hards Still Hunting?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by LookMa-NoHands!, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. I was just wondering if I was the only one crazy enough to still be hunting? If so-are ya seeing deer?
  2. Im still bow hunting on the weekends. The weather as you know has been cold. I haven't been seeing many deer either. But at least it is still great to be able to get out. It is a long time until next deer season.


  3. I still have a tag and would like to harvest a doe with my new longbow. Ive been out a couple of times since muzzleloader season with no luck. My job keeps me on the road alot, so I generally know when the deer are feeding and moving around alot. I have not seen many deer for the last month or so, so I ve just about quit hunting. If I ever start seeing deer feeding again, I will be out there.
  4. no deer huntig just a lot of rabbit hunting
  5. chopiq

    chopiq Staff Member Mod

    I plan on going this Saturday. Probably be my last time.
  6. I stop hunting after deer gunseason, just to dang cold:(
  7. I want to go but I haven't gotten out.
  8. hopefully...

    I can squeeze a hunt or two in this weekend. I am not sure as of yet where I will be hunting, but I'll definitely go once. It sure is cold out there!

  9. I went out 2 weeks ago and this weekend will be my last. I have seen alot of deer. I seen the buck that I have hunted all year last weekend cross the road about a 1/2 mile from where I hunt. I got permission to hunt that woods that he was going into last sunday.:D . I am going to have to break in my new PSE Nitro this weekend (I hope lol)
  10. Still hunting?????? heck ya I live in North Fla. and the deer hunting is just getting "prime time" here. The weather is perfect for bow hunting with lows in the mid 30s and highs in the mid 50s. Bucks are starting to rut. I got 15 days off from work to hunt the last week of Jan. and into Feb. deer season ends March 2 2003. Plus we have lots of wild hogs to be shot too. Then after deer season I got just enough time to pack away the deer gear and break out the Turkey goods.
    Granted they aren't any corn fed bruser bucks in the woods down here but bow hunting rutting bucks is still hunting bucks.
    Yall stay warm.

    PS. no limet on deer here, 1 deer a day the entire season.
    (whats a deer tag?? we do tag fish before releasing them):D :D
  11. Well I have been sick a couple weeks now.Actually all I have is a cough but I don't think coughs will call deer in.I'M done for the year.Wow what a year,a froze up shoulder(rotater cuff) for most of the year and now to end this way.Well its time to scout,then go find some sheds and varmints and ice fishing and maybe a trip to 3 rivers archery,cabelas in Mich. and that big traditional archery show in Mich. and the ohio deer & turkey show in Columbus.Did somebody say Cabin fever.Not a chance.
  12. I still have 3 stands hung and on either sex tag still. Late season is a busy time for me so I don't get out much. Been out 3 times since Christmas and froze my butt off twice. If it warms up some I'll likely go out a few more times then pull the stands and prepare for turkey season.
  13. I wish I could say yes but I filled my second tag here in Logan County during muzzleloader. Oh well, kind of glad here lately cause it has been freezing cold outside!
  14. Well, I'm going to give it a go this weekend, I'll post what I see. I've already taken several deer this year, but I'm hoping to end up with one more.

    Spitfire-I hunted this year in Logan Co. for the first time. I must say that I was impressed with what I saw. Where do you hunt?(general) If you don't want to discuss it on the forum-and I wouldn't blame you-send me an e-mail or pm. I'd like to get an idea of how this area is in terms of what I saw and what I should expect. Oh yeah-I've got relatives that live right up the road from you-in Raymond. Seems like a good area.
  15. Yea, Raymond is only about 5 minutes from my house, straight down St.Rt. 347. Where about in Logan County did you hunt? I hunt right around home here most of the time but have small parcells of land that I hunt on occasion. Especially when the pressure starts getting heavy. There are some nice deer all over Logan County. There are alot of deer, I don't know what you experienced or what you saw but your chances are pretty good on harvesting a nice deer. Next time your down this way look me up, we'll chat awhile.
  16. I've got two different properties I hunted this year, both near Rushsylvania. Very nice area, didn't see high numbers of deer, but the ones I did see were worth the wait.

    I thought it would be a little easier getting permission to hunt down there. Man-it's like pulling teeth! I spent 3 or 4 days asking just to get on the two places I have. Does Logan get that much pressure? I didn't see a lot until gun season. You'd think it would be easier to get some ground.

    My grandparents live right off 347 on Lunda. I do some bunny hunting behind her house. The place is choked with rabbits. Now that's a good time! I'll give ya a holler next time I'm down that way.
  17. Hope to get out for a late season doe if this cold snap eases up a bit. I'll hunt up to the last day for sure! Got a half doz new carbons for Xmas and am dying to see how they penetrate on a deer!----TF
  18. I'll keep hunting till the last day.....its been a real good year! i shot my 7 pointer....and seen 43 doe and 7 differant bucks....Its been my best year....i hunt mostly weekends....cant wait for next years RUT woo hoo....:D
  19. I have a place that is close to 100 acres over by Rushylvania and used to do alot of hunting all over that area growing up. There are some nice deer over that way. Personally I would say that is one of the two best areas to hunt in Logan County. It's not all that easy to get permission i'll agree with you on that. I dont know why either! Gun season is what I was referring to but there are areas that get alot of bowhunting pressure and I just happen to hunt one. During the early season it's not bad but come closer to rut there is a vehicle parked at every gate and every lane entering the farmers property and sometimes more than one vehicle at these spots. I have seen lesser vehicles at the Delaware Wildlife Area. It' crazy, it drives me nuts cause I like to go at it alone every once in awhile. Just me and the deer! Not Me, the Deer and Joe Shmoe trippin through the woods.

    I know right where Lunda road is and I have permission to hunt a piece of property right on the other side of the Rail Road tracks on your left. There is a big field and a small wood lot on the back side. Man, I love to hunt rabbits, if you don't mind give me a call and we will bust some bunnies. Do you have any dogs? I have one and he is pretty good considering he hunts by himself.
  20. Yeah, I know what you mean about hunting pressured woods. I gave up on one of my favorite spots up here just for that reason. Opening day of bow season you could expect at least 6 cars to be hunting-and this block of woods was only a half mile long/quarter mile wide!! I took some good bucks from there, but got tired of all the people.

    I think I know the field you're talking about. My buddy and I stopped there last year and tried to hunt, but the person wasn't home. It looked like an awesome field for bunnies. My buddy has a dog, but she's still kind of young. We usually just kick them up ourselves. I'm going hunting this weekend, but I'll see if we can't hook something up when I get back.
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