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Any Deer Camps that are taking new members?

Discussion in 'Deer Camp Talk' started by Ohio Bill, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. Im looking to join a deer camp or club....Please give me some info if ya know of any....Thx;)
  2. You are more than welcome to join the deer camp boys next year at the annual deercamp in Zalaski state forest.Second week in Nov. from wed. to sunday lots of fun and memories

  3. Ditto what Caribou said. We all bowhunt and would like to add to the number of people down there with us. GOOD TIMES!
  4. heck if we keep goin like this we will have to rent the whole campgrounds just for the deer camp boys annual huntin camp
  5. Help Steve

    Darn I pushed the wrong button and started a new thread. Is there anyway that I cant delete it.
  6. Ohio Bill and all others,

    Did we scare you away? We are really serious about having one big deercamp here in OHio. Heck, if it gets big enough, someday the kids will have the week off of school to bowhunt.... that's some high praise! I like the idea, Ohio's annual archery deercamp week ... anyone else buying into this???

  7. I'm with you on this idea, love it bring it on one big camp.
  8. Sounds Good!!

    Where is zelenski state forest anyways....anywhere i go i always seem to talk deer meeting up with a bunch of fellow hunters sounds real good..:D
  9. zaleski is between NELLSONVILLE ohio and McCARTHUR ohio on ST RT 278.
  10. thats fine i said if this things keep pickin up we will have to rent the whole lake hope camgrounds just to have our camp!
  11. Vinton county 28000 acres

    That would be awesome to have the whole camp ground or hill side to our group.Cabins might be hard to get ahold of but plenty of room in the camp grounds.Bring on the hunters and campers we will have plenty of hunting and good times around the camp fire.Heck it even sounds like we might be able to have a small concert one night with all the guitar players we have coming.

    Need more details go over to Deer camp boys thread and just ask

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  12. That sounds good bill, need a good drummer,Know if we could just find someone that could sing good:D
  13. get enough people and put on a drive the last day.
  14. Did somebody say Q2XL can sing? lololololol!!!!!!!
    I know someone that sang at camp last year and he cant wait to go again. Goooooood times!!!!!!
  15. i di not say i could sing good just sayed i could sing.lolololo!!!!