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Any coon hunters???????

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by MASHUNTER18, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. I was wondering if anyone is running coons,fox,coyote etc..??
    We have went out night hunting a few times(calling),and Iv never seen anyone out-except the county sherriff:D :D
  2. I went out with some guys down in Scioto county and got 8 for the night with dogs. It was fun and would go out again. ;)

  3. I went out with a guy several years ago, you have to be in good shape to walk up and down the hills allnight, I thought I was going to die...I am to fat to try that now:D :D
  4. went out 2 nights ago

    with my brother-in-law and another friend.
    I used to coonhunt a lot back in the late 80's early 90's but got out of it(fishing took over my life then.) I hadnt been out in 10 yrs, was a blast!!I used to run a 3 yr old big old fashioned bluetick(95 lbs winter weight) that had a super cold nose and i ran a 6yrs old dark red Redbone(65lbs) both males.

    The other night we hit 3 spots and got 3 coons, not too bad.
    My brother-in-law and the friend we were with(Ernie Timmons) are both judges at night hunts, another friend of thiers won the World hunt this past year.
    Ernie breeds Walkers, Blueticks, Redticks and Redbones and has over 70 dogs in his monster kennel.(very professional set up)
    I think im going to head out with them again tonight for some more fun!
    My brother-in-law runs a few females both black & tans and redbones too.
  5. How much does he sell those dogs for? I don't have the area for one or two now, but for future reference?
  6. Hey BB

    Sorry i didnt see your reply before.
    It all depends on the breed(Walker, Redbone, ect.) also the BLOODLINE that dog has..his dogs are AKC, UKC and PKC registered...and he has everything from show champion, to tripple night champion to grand night champion.

    He has some male dogs that cost over $4500 a pcs.(cause of thier bloodlines) and i know hes sold a lot of "trained" dogs that have gone for $1500 a pcs.
    But for a pup..i might be able to get ya a deal?;)
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