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Monday night, 06/13/2022, we had another storm that had some very strong winds. We had severe thunderstorm warnings in my area & south of me there were tornado watches/warnings. The winds were almost as strong as those in the May storm which took down 2 of my large pines. I had a lot of small limbs & branches, most of them dead, which I cleaned up early this morning, but nothing major.

I noticed when I got home Tuesday from lunch that the wheat field across the road from me got hammered pretty hard. I’m not sure if it will stand up but I kind of doubt it.

There were a lot of limbs down all around town & a lot of people were without power. One of the side streets I use to get to the fitness center was closed & I did see 1 tree & a couple of poles down & suspect there were more poles down.

Hopefully we’re done with the major storms for awhile. Now all we have is 90+ degree weather with which to contend.

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