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another option for Abu 6500 users

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Flatheadmaniac, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. I just noticed NEW for 2003 that Okuma has released a reel in the same size as the ABU 6500.
    Im not sure of ALL the details of it yet(like if it has a clicker, ect) but it looks good, made from aluminum, and holds the same amount of line..check it out if your interested..oh yea this reel has 5 ball bearings instead of 4 like the Abu 6500C4..and the Okuma NITRYX is only $71 compared to $85 for the 6500C4
  2. I'll stick to the Abu's

    They are tried & tested. I was swayed to try some Quantums last year, and wound up going to all Calcutta's & Abu's. Better to do it right the first time & save the time & money. When you tell me you like them over your TE700 then I'll look at them ;)
    6500 series reels are the world's standard for alot of big fish. They have a proven record & parts are readily availible & upgrades, special models, etc. I don't think they can be beat.
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  3. LMAO

    Jim, just throwing out options to other anglers who might be interested in something DIFFERENT that the norm.?

    Yea the Abu 6500's are nice for sure..just wish thier other ones were as rock solid as the 6500 series,,,they need to be MUCH bigger..i only use them for channels most of the time cause of thier lack of capacity.

    More than the Calcutta TE?..naw..havent seen any nicer that it , well in the US that is... ;) If you think the 700CT is'd love the TE series !!!!!!! but hey you can buy about 4 6500's for the price of one

    Im not sure of you thoughts about the Irons and why you put them down?..well first i understand you couldnt get your thumb in them(LMAO..i dont have that problem) second your buddy Jigger uses he must like them too?

    If you buy one DONT buy the 300 series(ie. 310, 320 & 330) as that series doesnt have instant anti reverse and is not as smooth as the 400 series(ie. 410, 420 & 430)..with a cap. of 400 yrds of 20lb test the 430CX(and one of the loudest clickers ive found yet)it fills the void with anglers looking for a heavy duty reel that will hold lots of big line..those who use 20-30lb mono and smaller and who only need about 125 yrds of it can stick to the 6500's for sure ;)
  4. What about this: I have a picture of this reel saved on my ' do I get it on here:eek: :rolleyes:
  5. Reels

    I knew you'd like the TE comment !;)
    I don't have to purchase every new product that comes out. I'm sure they're great. There's actually an advantage to NOT having instant anti-reverse, it's easy to knock or bump a reel into gear while bank fishing. I've done it with my 6500C3 2 speed. It won't happen with the 7000C3's because the crank has to turn at east a 1/2 turn to engage from freespool. Now with the leverdrag, it's as tight or loose as you make it, the crank doesn't engage the reel.
    I do like the little lever on the Quantums that you engage & disengage the spool with. It's more the feel than anything else on them. I like the Abu's & Calcuta's over them. So what I'm saying is, if it's a choice between the 3, the quantums would not be in my first 2 choices. Same with the rods, the big cats are nice, i bought 6 of them this year, but guess what? I have 5 St Croixs on the reels I actually use & will replace the last big cat next time I go to BPS Outdoorworld with another Premier series musky rod. Probably the 7' 6" but maybe the 7':D It's just the "feel". I'm sure I could catch fish with any of them & have, just my preferance and what I can recommend with confidence. I never recommend or suggest equiptment I haven't used.
  6. Oh....

    Just for the record.....I might have all TE700's by the end of the year if I get lucky ;) I know you'd appreciate that picture. Six(6) new TE700's all on St Croix rods with 4 CT700 & 2 7000C4's leverdrags as backup combos !!:p Hanging out the back of my boat with me holding up more big catfish !
    I'm getting that new 11'6" surf rod too. I was going to wait, but why bother ?
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  7. heck yea why not...

    Theres always room on the "bandwagon" ya know:rolleyes: ;)

    Hey BB why dont ya send that picture over to ole Jimmy..he always posts pictures, im sure he'd be kind enough to help you out with your picture?
  8. BB

    Just upload it to the picture gallery, then link it to your post with the IMG button above the reply window. You have to right click on the picture , go to properties, find the addy, highlight it, copy it, then paste it in the IMG line or use html.
  9. reels


    Whats all this talk of new reels?
    I just picked this up at FW to be like my heroes on the Ohio River!


    With a little care maybe the eyes won't fall out of my Big Cat;)
  10. Robster

    I like those leverdrags......a little funny getting used to, but they are definitely an idea who's time has come for catfishing. They are to baitcasters as what the baitrunners are to spinning reels. Just makes more sense all the time. Won't accidentally get knocked into gear either. I'm holding out for Shimano to come out with a TE700 Leverdrag !!
    Meanwhile, I'll take your advice- just catch fish !:p
    I'm going to put 2 more angler's Pal rod holders on the boat too, or maybe I'll just upgrade 2 or 3 of the 3/8" driftmaters to 1/2" and then put those 3/8" on the gunwales.
  11. Lever drags

    Man who would have ever thought of using lever drags for catfish?:rolleyes:


    If you don't like the capacity of the Charter Special and can do without level wind TLDs are made by Shimano also:D

    I go for Charters but Don likes his TLDs. If I need to go past 200 yards I reach for the old Penn 309;)
  12. jumping on the bandwagon

    hey mrfish ,where can i pick up a couple of those lever drags at!!
    been poking around on the net nobody has them.

    katfish there is one of those 10000 cl you were talking about if interested.the sellers name is fishingreelrepair
  13. Robby have you had poor results with your bigcat rod???? I have put mine thru all heck the last couple years, treated them rough, and have not had any eye problems?
  14. I have a TLD is a little beefy for most cat use. Couldn't see myself casting from the bank with it. I'm still waiting to get a large fish on it......maybe this year?
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