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Another one bites the dust!

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Wasn’t as anti climatic as the last few but still feels good to outsmart the old boy. Worked this bird towards the end of the second week and he came in twice, but both times he hung up at about 75 yards and he finally walked away. He was extremely vocal, probably gobbled close to one hundred times. Saturday morning (3rd Saturday of season) I worked him again close to where I worked him earlier, I was about twenty yards above a power line and he stayed just below it, 60-70 yards away and yep he walked away again, and this time he was by himself😡
Tuesday morning I got in a blind on the power line and he came off the top of the ridge and locked up about 70 yards away! And of course after about half an hour he walked away! About lunch time Tuesday I ran up and checked my cameras, he was walking a trail along the top of that ridge at about 5:00 every evening. My plan was to be there by 4:30 and ambush him! I was on my way at 4:15, at 4:20 he gobbled about 50 yards away behind a green briar thicket! I had time to set down on a fair size tree and get my gun up and here he comes! At 38 yards the last thing he saw was the ring of fire!
yep I needed that snickers because I was hangry!
10 1/2 beard
1 1/2 spurs
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Well done.
Congrats Bawana!! Great late season bird.
Great bird!
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