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An Honest Review

Discussion in 'Ohio Buckeyes' started by Redhunter1012, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. I was at the UM/AF game yesterday. First thing I wanna say is we had awesome seats (corner enzone 7 rows up) but our section was terrible as fans. They poked me a handful of times asking me to sit even in crucial momens with action right in front of us. Finally I told them at the start of the 4th quarter if I wanted to sit on my ass I woulda saved my money and stayed on the couch at home and then advised them to do that next time. We wwere the only section sitting, well, not me and my buddy. First off, Air Force is a disciplined tough team (duh). They were outweighed by 30 lbs on their OL and 35lb on DL.

    Michigans OL is basically the same group as last year minus our Center. You wouldnt know it. They cannot run block to save their lives unless its Denards on zone stretch plays. Our playcalling has been Vanilla too. Hopefully saving it for ND? Our D line may be the worst I can ever remember as long I have watched. There are zero playmakers amongst our starting big guys. By the end of the 3rd quarter we were playing alotof true freshmen at DL and LB. Our Frosh LB's are studs already and we need them to be. Our secondary was pretty solid but its Air Force so who knows.

    Overall I'm a little down after seeing them in person. Last year we got alot better as the season progressed so I'm hoping for that. Another thing is we got the crap beat out of us by Bama then basically have 3 days to prepare for something that is very difficult to defend properly. Bad idea of scheduling on UM's part. I may have totemper my expectations a bit. 9-3 might be a great year for us
  2. I believed before the season and continue to believe you took a step back this year. Don't play in the Big Ten so you'll have a decent year anyway. MSU looks to be the best team in the league and they are nothing special. Without vast improvement there are no teams in our league that should run through the league....they are all average.

  3. Pretty rough weekend for the Big Ten, in general. Nobody was super impressive. At least you got to see a W, which is more than fans of Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Penn can say. Ohio wasn't "wowing" against UCF, either.
  4. Ohio STATE does have a lot of work to do but they are learning a new system and scheme so there are going to be growing pains. UCF would probably beat half the teams in the B1G, they are a good football team. I like what I'm seeing out of our young players that are being given opportunities to play, especially the freshman D lineman. Schutt, Washington and Spence are going to be scary over the next few years. With the exception of MSU I'm not concerned to play any B1G team on our schedule. Time will tell.
  5. So what exactly about MSU scares everyone? I'm not saying there bad, but they lost alot and haven't shown a whole lot yet. They are breaking in a new QB, WR's, alot on both lines. I dont see them being the world beaters they are hyped up to be. I see them losing atleast 3 games this year
  6. There's #1. Horrible game plan by Moo U.Lets try and run, run, run against a stout D line and LB'S when we obviously could pass against their teriible DB's. Stupid
  7. Moral of the story...they're still Sparty.