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Alum Creek

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowfishing' started by cwcarper, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. In another thread, some of you mentioned that you bowfish at Alum Creek sometimes. I was just wondering what the carp population is like in there and what size fish you typically see/shoot in Alum. Fished it once last year (rod and reel, I don't bowfish) with some success and was wondering how much of a focus should be put on it next year.
  2. I don't think Alum has an oustanding carp population. I think Buckeye is by far the best for a carp lake in central Ohio.

  3. Alum has a good population of them. I will have to show you on a map where to go. Buckeye and Hoover have a good populations of carp and gar, with large Buffalo suckers at Hoover. I do have a place that no body thinks about to get large carp. I'll show you , because when you come to go to school you will be able to fish there easily. ;)
  4. hey let me and caribou in on some hot spots too desperado
  5. Hoover was another lake I was wondering about, mostly because those two are pretty close to me. Buckeye and Alum are the only two lakes in central Ohio where I've fished for carp. I'd definately agree that Buckeye is a great lake for carp, though. And I'm always open to hot spots for carp :) .
  6. cw, we will have to hook up on my days off and break out some lake maps and I will help you out on locating some fish. I give you areas I see the fish while I'm out bowfishing.;)
  7. Sounds like a plan to me.
  8. alum creek(the actual creek) is full of carp.i used to live right next to it and taking up to 30 fish was a piece of cake.water is real shallow/crystal clear so camo and little movement is a must.but it is not much of a challenge
  9. Hay guys were is this alum creek at what city is it by?
  10. It's north of Columbus Near delaware. It's just north west of Hoover res. about 4 miles.