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Alright Catfishin Boyz

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by CW03, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Hope everyone has a safe, informative, and prosperous fishing season in 2003. Hopefully the new year will bring a greater awareness of trophy catfish conservation and sensible angling practices related to the whiskered buckeyes.

    Happy New Year :)
  2. Same to you and If I catch a whiskered suckeye I will have to throw it on the bank. LOL;)

  3. Is this what

    Egor told Dr Frankenstien ? You've created a monster !" His name ? Ðe§perado™ !!!!

    :D :D :D Happy New Year !!
  4. Amen to that, I would love to see a total catch and release fishery on "ALL" Catfish.......So how do we go about protecting our Cats?????
  5. I try to keep a few small cats and release all the larger breeders. But it is a good idea though Jack.;)

    I'm not a monster , just don't like OSU.
  6. Cats

    Thanks CW03. I believe that with the ever growing world around us, size/number limits better be heading to the cat family also. Time will tell. Everybody have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! THE CATKING!!! It would also be a good time to bury some old hatchets;)
  7. Good idea are the Man !!
    I certainly agree, so long as it's not buried in my head !!;)

    Peace & goodwill to all.......Hope we all have another great year.:)
  8. I hear ya-

    mrfish/OH As long as it's not a head shot:D You all have a great new year;) THE CATKING!!!
  9. Lets go to Santee !!

    My family doesn't appreciate me.......can I run away ??:rolleyes:
    Dave's emailing me weather report from there....he's wearing me down !!:eek:
  10. Hope every one has a great year, man the rivers are way high no fishing for awhile..Oh well I am done till March anyway,..I hope we have a drought this spring;)