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ALOT of good bucks killed this year

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Aimrite, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. I hear we are having one of are better years for killing Big Bucks. I saw Monter taken in Liking back in NOV. I cannot wait to get to Deer Expo see all fine mounts this year.Im awed every year.....
    What are you hearing and seeing?
    former bowsiter
  2. The biggest one i heard of this year is a 22 pointer shot in Noble Co.

  3. Ohio bill, My friends buddy shot that buck. I have a pic of it that he e-mailed to me but for some reason I cannot open a zipfile on my computer, if you want I could foward it to you so you could post it. that way I would be able to see it aswell!! I hate computers!! Pike
  4. 25 scorable points

    Shot in Mt Vernon, and checked in at the Sportsman's Outpost on rt 3, S of Centerburg. Killed the first day of gun season and gross green score was 225&1/8inches. I held the rack and it was breath taking. It had sooo much character, also was wide and massive, not to mention 3 drop tines. Just an awesome, awesome buck! Not sure of the hunters name but it will probably be top 5 in the state for sure.
  5. I was told about a 16 pt. taken outside of Plain City, in New California. Haven't seen it myself, but from all reports, it's a monster.
    I'm going after mine during the 2nd BP season, I can't wait!
    Good Luck All!
  6. 23 and 28 pointers killed in logan county.both were taken durin bow season.
  7. aimrite.SAme here.Lots of nice deer.Those trail cams are probaly a lot of the reason.
  8. A guy my dad works with shot a 20, its in the picture gallery.
  9. There is some mighty big bucks still alive, saw a nice wide 10 point in my yard this morning, along with what looked like a non-typical 12pt sunday
  10. Well so far this year from right around my hunting spot, I shot a 7 pter, and there was a 8 pointer, 10 pointer, 6 pointer, and another 7 pter taken around there..
  11. the odnr web site has some good pics of alot of great bucks that were taken this year.ohio is as good as any state these days.
  12. As Q2XL said, here in Logan County we had a lot of big bucks taken. There is alot of pictures on the Divisions web site. Some of them are real brutes.
  13. Saw tons of deer taken around the camp, nothing was very big though. This is down in Hocking county around the camp on 595. Did see one nice deer opening day up on a hillside. We were driving so I couldn't count, it was the largest deer I had seen that week. There are still pleny out there, can't wait until next year!
  14. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

    Some guys blood trailed a nice 10 pt that may go ohio big buck to the land I was hunting on during gun season. Saw it when the drug it out. Nice deer. My father-in-law saw an 11 pt the last day of muzzle loader also. There should still be some nice ones around for next year, if the poachers don't get them.....:mad: