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All these anti-2nd Amendment laws being advocated by both parties and this forum in silent?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by HillbillynOhio, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Not mention what Kasich is saying?

    Republicans are over TV Advocating more gun control against law abiding citizens. Including, banning bump stocks type devices, Universal Background checks, AR/AK bans, and more public information on private mental health to ban guns without due process. Not one mentioning of arming our schools that I have seen from them today. They are sounding just like the Police State Democrats. Better be ready to burn down your rep or senator phone lines because it looks like they are gonna do something even though they admit anything they do will never stop these mass shootings in banning anything.

    These are the Police State, Fascist Democrat's talking points.

    They arrested a 17 year old for saying he could buy an AR15 if he wanted one.

    Trump says he would support a Universal Background check, bypass due process on mental illness and who knows what else.

    This about to get real ugly. Better be active in stopping this. They will never stop chipping away the 2nd Amendment and y'all know it.
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  2. The banning of scary guns and devices one doesn't comprehend doesn't make sense to me. I would be 100% behind a change for a way to legally transfer a weapon into another person's hands at a FFL. I really don't understand why we don't have that. We have to do it with vehicles but not weapons. If I were to buy/sell a weapon not from an FFL I'd like to know it's not stolen and not sell it to someone that isn't permitted to have it which would be found through the processing.

  3. You can voluntarily do that now, no one is stopping you. But there is reason we do not and should not do NICS at all. We have right to own firearms to fight tyranny from Government or individuals, you do not have right to drive on public roads. Although, I could argue that as well in you have a right to travel and move in space. But I digress.

    Why would the founders want us to ask permission from the very government they were trying to protect us from in owning, buying, selling, trading or carrying in anyway in the first place? That is what makes no sense.
  4. When I attempted to go to a FFL(Vance's in Columbus) to transfer a firearm to my name from a friend's I was turned away and told it's not possible in Ohio.
    Are you saying that someone found guilty of felony firearms crimes should still have the right to purchase and own firearms? That's fairly absurd to me. I just don't agree with how easy it is for these folks to still obtain firearms. I feel that any sale of a firearms should check for these things.
  5. Why does Hollywood never have any skin in this. Time to ban all violent movies and video games. No more guns in movies. Lol
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  6. Nope, never said that. As you should know, it is already illegal to knowingly to sell a forearm to a felon. We had that law before the UNCONSTITUTIONAL NICS system.

    Then you support repealing the 2nd amendment.
  7. Replies like this might be one reason you get little interaction around here. Please go back under your log and throw the foil cap back on. Sorry you fail to understand why we don't just assume everyone we deal with is honest and need checks and balances. And no I do not agree with banning any firearms, but thanks for the assumption.
  8. d

    Don't buy that argument either. We had movies and songs and video games for decades and only the last 25 years these type of shootings has taken off.

    1. GUN FREE ZONES are soft targets, that makes them the preferred killing zones.

    2. Discipline in schools and at home has all but been banned.

    3. Just read a story where the devices we have are desensitizing the kids. They're more oppressed, have no one to talk too, less one on one socially. This, I think is one of the biggest problem that is harmful too the kids, yet no one is calling to ban these devices to ban under 18?

    4. Drugs, legal or not, is altering the mind set to these kids yet, we are calling more of the same.

    5.Society as a whole. More divisive as ever, propaganda in making you child in charge of their own life and parents are just secondary.

    6. Parents aren't being parents. They are not involved in their kids life at all. They let the devices be the baby sitter and don't pay attention to anything they're doing and couldn't care less.

    7. Victim hood. Our society has pushed the narrative that nothing is your fault, everyone else is the blame for you problems. Individual responsibility is going extinct.

    There is a ton of other reasons but there are answers,most don't want to hear them but we keep going down this same path and it isn't going to end well.

    I mean how can you completely implement Socialism / Communism with an armed Society?
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  9. Schu72

    Schu72 Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    This may be the only post you have ever made that I agree with.
  10. I'm sorry but we just aren't in a society where "anyone and everyone" should be able to carry or obtain a firearm just for being a citizen. There are citizens who have rejected all other laws and principles afforded to them and therefore have rescinded the right to bear arms. Anyone who shoots and kills a child would be on that list and I will listen and likely support any law that will seek to discover that individual even if i am asked a few more questions or if it takes an additional amount of time to obtain a firearm. The parents are failing and in the most recent case were dead. In Vegas the guy may have never played a video game in his life. These people are crazy and deserve death and nothing more. I'm not going to fight for their right to obtain a firearm. I may give up conveniences to own one myself.
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  11. You just said the government should decide as a law abiding citizen who can or can not be armed. And can stop a sale for any reason and have. including 150,000 veterans by a PTSD diagnoses.

    Trump just repeal Obama's EO that stopped Social Security Recipients who have a hard time paying their own bills would be denied their 2nd Amendment rights without due process And the NICS can be used for any reason to deny your rights. And good luck getting it changed if there are false information in the system.

    That is against the Constitution.

    Again, why would founders want us to ask the Government for anything firearm related when they were trying to protect us from the Government?

    In Federalist 46, Alexander Hamilton explained why the right to bear arms was so fundamental in persevering American Liberty.
    In Europe, governments didn't "trust the people with arms". However, their history was filled with examples of leaders and governments trampling on rights of the people with impunity.

    This is what the founders desperately wanted to avoid.

    An armed populace, the "militia" that the 2nd Amendment refers to, is an additional check on power of Government, a last resort for those who may be oppressed.

    As National Review's David French wrote:

    "The Musket was the principle weapon of armed conflict in the 18th century. An American Leaving his home with a musket was on par with a member of the Continental Line. Not so with an American who possesses any number of AR-15'S or AK-47's. The contemporary gap between civilians and the military is vast and growing".

    The advancement of weapon Technology would likely have surprised the Founders, who after all lived in an era of remarkable innovation. What would shock them is the Government would have become so powerful and capable of depriving people of their liberty in an blink of an eye.

    This is exactly what 2nd Amendment rights advocates fear and what they believe is behind the "gun control" movement.
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  12. Don't worry he got me too. For once its not the GOVT fault LMAO.
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  13. So a gun dealer should only have to ask the customer if they are legally allowed to own weapons? Can I buy your house and pay you next year, don't worry about a contract. I'm good for it.
  14. I’m sure those felons would be lining up to transfer guns into their homeboys name. The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
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  15. Of course they will. Just as they will tell their gun dealer that they are felons. What are you thinking???? ROTFLMAO!!!!
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  16. Gun control does not control those who wish to do harm with a fire arm. Someone who breaks the law now will not stop just because a new law says, “ you can’t buy a gun”. Any gun law is only going to affect those who choose to follow it.

    It’s no secret that the people who “do” a mass shooting are trying to send a message. Wether it’s that they have been bullied or wronged by a person or organization, a message against government, or to prove some other point. When that message is not heard they are disempowered, when a mass shooting no longer sends a message they will Find a new way to send the message.

    Thus I argue the solution is not how do we control guns, it’s how do we manage/stop the message.
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  17. I don't disagree. My point with legal transfers is that it leaves a paper trail for accountability purposes only. So if a weapon is found, information is more readily available as to who was the last person to be responsible for having that firearm secured away. As of right now we have a giant black hole there. Yes a criminal will still be a criminal everytime, this just gives law enforcement a greater chance at a bread crumb trail.
  18. We don't need new laws of any kind hell they are un-capable of enforcing the laws we already have
  19. Universal background check is a registration scheme. The government will know who owns every gun that is sold.
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  20. Tracing guns is rarely the avenue via which these crimes are solved. Gun ownership is at an all time high yet violent crime continued to fall. These mass shootings are the outlier. Gun free zones cause more deaths than any scary looking rifle.