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air rifles for small game

Discussion in 'Ohio Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by salmonflytyer, Dec 22, 2002.

  1. Hi to all, I was just curious to see what you think about this. I have a crosman 422 air rifle with a 3x9x32 scope. now this rifle will only do 495fps but i have good oportunity for squirrel and cotton tail's from 10-20m. i just was wondering if you have any experience with this rifle or if i should just scrap the idea. a more powerful rifle is not an option in the time being as well

    thanks for you help
  2. Jon,
    You might be able to get a squirrel or a rabbit with the perfict shot but I`m afraid that you would cripple alot of aminals that would just die a slow death. Stick with sparrows and starlings with this gun and built your skills.

  3. I would just invest in a .22 rifle. Instead of just hurting a bunch of game.
  4. .223 makes a quicker kill :D
  5. I cut my teeth with a crossman 760 airrifle I was bout 8. I have killed everything in Ohio up to and including groundhogs. I wouldn't recommend it but I did it. The key is getting close and placing the shot. It is twenty five years old and I still shoot pigeons out of my garage with it.

    20- 60 meters is a long shot. Most of my where less than 5-10 meters. The groundhog was at 3 feet.
  6. I have shot a couple rabbits with a 760, but I would not reccomend it to any body but an expert shot at ultra close distance.
  7. I just bought my son the new crossman air shoots 650fps....I shoot the .22 pointed pellets out of it....It DOES the job on squrrels..
  8. I used to shoot rabbits with a scoped Crossman .177 cal pellet pistol. It was CO2 operated and looked like a 357.

    What I found is that if you shoot them with the pointed pellets or in the head then they are done. Otherwise all your going to do is wound them.

    I'd get a .22 and play it safe.

  9. I gotta say no ... I don't think you have enough velocity to be accurate enough between your shooting max and min distances .. Lead poisoning is a slow and painful way for an animal to die... I am not saying it can't be done . I just don't think it can be done everytime without wounding an animal
  10. I have an old crossman maodel 1 22 cal air rifle. As a young bloodthirsty boy I supplied my grandmother with more squirrels than she could eat. I dont remember the velocity, but I think it was around 600. A close friend and lifelong hunting partner had an RWS rifle that shot the 177's around 1000fps. We started the argument between heavy slow pellets vs. the fast, light 177's. The argument was never settled. It has since carried over to slow heavy arrows vs. fast light ones. I dont know if I will ever win the argument but I can assure you, a 22 cal air rifle will kill squirrels and bunnies dead, real dead, without wounding, with good shot placement. I dont remember loosing game with my lethal weapon. Clean kills are very important if you are hunting in your neighbors yard as we were.......LOL