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Aimrite i have some info on FB English Springer Spaniels

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by Buckmaster141, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. Aimrite in Amanda, Ohio is a breeder there kennel name is Guadaira Kennels and there dogs are from field trial championship blood lines. There website is We have bought two dogs from there. My dad had a male in 1991 and he was a really good dog. so i went down and bought a springer from there about 6 months ago and she is doing awesome. she learned all the commands really fast and is swimming very well. So you might want to just go on and check out the website and see what you think.
  2. Thanks for Info

    I actualy been there checked it out. I talked with owner for along time. I did not like the kennel at all.:eek:
    Im looking for top pedigree in breeding that could posibly produce field trial prospects from a quality kennel..

    Im looking sereously at two kennels
    Has great reputation as quality breeder
    He worked his dog Doc for me and he is a machine
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  3. Im not into Field trial competetion i just want to get the best hunting dog I can afford. Personelly i like characteristices the fieldtrial dogs possess compaired to regular hunting dogs. I might do some hunt test and hunters trials.
    I plan to get my pup into the field next fall to let him romp around a bit. Im hoping to have him trained by Fall 2004 and work on polish and mainteneance training from there. Thats my plan :eek:
  4. did you go on to the website and see the pedigree that they have on there the dad of the new pups has nothing but FC in his background. i don't think that you talked to the actual owner of the kennel because he is ill. John issacs is the actual owner and he has been in books and has been breeding springer for almost 40 years. you probably talked to the owners son in law. i understand if you don't like it because some people have different preferences than others. what was the matter with the kennel that you didn't like? i am going to check out these other kennels that you sent the website for and check out there dogs. let me know when if you end up getting one and if you can send a pic so i can see it. i put a pic of my springer in the photo gallery if you want to take a look at her.
  5. John the Owner has been sick with Alzheimer’s for many years I dealt with his son in-law who was a really nice guy. He spent a lot of time with me. I just didn’t like his dogs.
    All the dogs where well taken care of. I have no problem boarding my dog there.

    1.At the time I was there I would guesstimate he had over 50 Springer’s. I question why so many and what kind of breeding he is into.

    2.He pretty much told me he had hunting dogs, I’m looking for breeding trying to produce field trial prospects.

    3 NONE of his dogs see VETS and none have ever had eyes, hips ect checked. A requirement in my book.

    4.He has rat problem.

    5.He new I was coming 2.5hrs and was really unorganized as far as paperwork pedigrees. He had so many dogs it was hard to decipher the pedigrees he had and remember the dogs.

    6. I thought 500$+ was very high for his dogs with so-so bloodlines and not vet checked. I have no problem paying 5-800$ for top dog thathas eyes checked and parents checked.

    Yes he has impressive website and that pedigree looks good. In fact he did not tell me or show me the pedigrees in his website. I’m sure he has good dogs however 1-6 was enough to turn me away. Im sure many people are happy with his dogs they just are not for me.
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