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AGL Youth Hunt...Deer Down!

Discussion in 'Ohio Bowhunting' started by medicsnoke, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Last Saturday, my good friends Derek and Blake participated in the annual AGL Youth Hunt in Iowa. This is the story told by Derek:
    The AGL Youth Hunt is a memorial hunt in the name of Andy Lind. Andy was an avid archer, hunter, and proponent for youth hunting. When Andy passed away, his family and friends set up a memorial youth hunt in his name. When Blake called me last week about joining in to guide a youth hunter, I was more than happy to help out. Without knowing much about the hunt itself prior to Saturday, I really was blown away. These people are doing a fantastic job towards getting youth interested in hunting and the outdoors. I had a great time at the hunt and it is a memory I won't soon forget.

    They day kicked off with an array of activities that were both fun and educational for the kids. They had a local game warden speak about ethics and care of the animals after harvest. There were stations set up to shoot bows, sling-shots, and muzzleloaders, and there was even a video game type set up that showed shot angles on deer.

    We had a great hunt; showcasing a lot of what can happen when hunting whitetails. We had miscues, misfires, a great encounter with an awesome buck, and finally connected on a nice mature doe.


    Lucky for me, my kid was fantastic... upbeat, all smiles, and ended up shooting his first deer! I'm sure down the road, he'll look back on this day and shake his head, thinking of what he could have had if only his guide was better prepared haha. Regardless, I feel blessed to be able to give back a little and help introduce a young hunter to Iowa's outdoors. I'll remember this hunt as vividly as any I've ever been on. Deer season is off to a great start!

    If you are interested in watching the video of the hunt, you can check it out on here AGL Youth Hunt 2012
  2. wow, what a cool experience! Good for you man, you live the dream with all the hunting stuff you get to take place in, keep it up!

  3. Nice job. Love to see people take time out to get youth involved in hunting. Passing it on is what its all about.
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  4. Man that is great! Nothing like getting a child started in the outdoors.