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  1. hey everyone i'm new here and was wondering what age are you actually allowed to hunt by yourself in Ohio? thanks and nice meeting everyone!!:D
  2. I believe 16 and under you must have an adult with you

  3. I go to the hunting area with my dad but we don't hunt together. We aren't next to each other but we know exactly where the other is.
  4. I thought it was 18 or be with an adult?
  5. Makes me wonder why you have to be 18 to buy a long gun, but 16 to use it without "adult" supervision?
  6. I'm with rrbski on this one. But BB it makes me wonder about that also. If you can hunt by yourself you should be able to buy a weapon.
  7. Let's break this down a bit:

    16 to drive, also taking many lives into your hands while driving.

    16 to legally use a guys in the field by yourself.

    18 to buy a long gun

    21 until you can drink and to buy a handgun

    get a break in insurance in your 20's

    26 before the people who give student loans considers you independant?

    Something just doesn't seem right with this picture?
  8. I see the reason. The government or whoever doesnt want all kids buying guns. They only want those kids who have responsibility and those who will kill animals to have them. Also, they need to have an older person buy them, it limits the amount of guns in the possession of minors.