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Adams County

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Xman, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Hi I'm from NC and new to the forums.I was wondering if anyone had any tips for deer hunting the hills of Adams Co.Any info would be appreciated.Thanks and God Bless.
  2. Well I live and hunt in Adams and suppose it depends where your hunting lol. If you hunt north ad in peebles,winchester that's real flat lol, if you get south in Manchester or Brush Creek well that's hilly Haha. Give me some more details man Haha

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  3. I think its around manchester in Adams County. I was just wondering what you thought about the deer and what would be the best strategy to hunt that area.
  4. well man you gotta give me little more information. when you plan on coming to hunt. bow hunting ? gun hunting? how much property?
  5. Steep ridges from what i know of it ,it is pretty steep hunting from manchester to brush creek but it holds some big bucks !!!
  6. I suppose to come that way around the 2nd week of Nov.bow hunting.I think its about 100 acres im not sure.
  7. What part of nc r u from?

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  8. well if your hunting Manchester area thats pretty much some of the more hilly terrain in the county. if your comin 2nd week of Nov thats pretty much right around PRIME TIME. lol have you had a chance to do any scouting or so you know the property?
  9. I havnt done any scouting LiveBlue23 but Have some friends thats hunted that area,and its still a lil new to them also.
  10. well man with the info you gave me and the time frame id say if only time you will be seeing the property is when you come i suggest you and your buddies scout it out real nice first day here. at the point in the season id be finding out where the most sign is doe wise. scrapes, rubs, bedding area. not sure what the property has for crops but check that as well. usually 2nd week of Nov is money for the Rut.
  11. Thanks for the advice LiveBlue have you taken any nice ones around that area or any other areas.I have no interest in taking small bucks at ,Im just looking forward to be able to take a nice buck or at least see some when i hunt.
  12. A friend hunts that area and yeas there are nice ones.. He shot one that had a 14inch spread but scored in the mid 140's.. He said that he seen several that made the one he shot look very small...
  13. You can't really go wrong anywhere in Adams co or southern Ohio for that matter. Last year I had a 185in booner pop up on my cam that I obsessed about for 2 weeks. He ended up gettin shot by guy hunting beside me same morning I was in stand...guy didn't know the deer even existed . I found out a week later when I shot a deer and asked him permission to track on his property. The buck I ended shooting a week after he did ended up being a 155in 8 lol so they are out there.


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  14. Wow, nice buck. That picture is ramping Me up, looking forward to my Shawnee trip.

  15. Thats a fine buck LiveBlue!!!!!!
  16. GoshenGrunter Im from the eastern part of NC next to Wilmington NC near the coast.
  17. Adams is one of the best counties hands down
  18. When do you guys think the Rut will kick in?
  19. End of Oct- mid Nov will be the best part of rut

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  20. Same as always....