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Adams County

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by Xman, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone I'm from NC and I'm new to forums.I was wondering if anyone had any tips for hunting the deer in Adams County in the hills next to the Ohio River.Any info would be appreciated.Thanks and God Bless
  2. Welcome. I don't hunt close to Adams County, but you can't go wrong hunting food sources.

  3. Hunt it the same as you would anywhere else that has hills. There are some big boys around that area. I hunt north of there and I hunt a little east of there. They are very smart so don't push them out of your area.
  4. Thanks for the info but is it better to hunt the bottoms or the shelves that around the hills.Im not sure how the deer travel up there.where i hunt is mostly flat.
  5. Top's in the mornings. As the day heats up (Heat rises) your scent will follow...
    Bottoms in the evenings. As it cools the air drops as does your scent... There are thermals which will move your scent around..sadles and pinch points are a must. Hunt where the deer are at that perticular time not where they were a month ago.

    Again get a topo map study it but stay out of the bedding area's just don't spook everything out trying to figure out the land work your way in slowly each day or two as you hunt by moving your stand a little at a time.. IMO that is the #1 thing that happens when new land is aquired in the middle of the season...

    If you have beach front property, for this kind of info I should get a free week on the beach. LOL
  6. Awesome advice man. Scouting can just about be done completely on a computer anymore, dont even really need to go in the woods. You mostly need to just pay attention to the terrain features, and the rest will follow. The terrain features on the topo coupled with the vegetation pictures on google earth or bing maps will show you where the areas you need to focus on. You can look for scrapes/rubs/trails when you go in to hang your stand, making doing the scouting and hanging one trip, lessening the impact on the area.

    Just remember this one sentence and youll be fine: Pay attention to the terrain features, and the rest will follow. A good friend told me that, and its completely true.

    You bring the beer Wildman, I got the cigars.

    Black Dog Bowfishing Pro Staff
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  7. Thanks for the info maybe I will be able to tag a nice one.