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Adams county hunting info

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Basshunter9239, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. I am from ky and I have two farms that I hunt in Adams county. First farm is close to Winchester, I have hunted it for a year and took a nice 150 class last year with a bow. The other farm is 1000 acres outside of seaman Ohio near the airport. I have walked this farm last week for 20 mins. I know this area is we're the Amish buck came from. Can anyone tell me if this area is good for trophy whitetail or was the Amish buck in this area a fluke. Thanks
  2. I hunt around you and yes there are some nice one there. It you are expecting an amish buck well good luck but a 150 or bigger isn't out of the question.

  3. Lol. Wow you took a 150" and now your wanting a 290". Atta boy. Shoot for the moon
  4. Lol if you hunt a farm near the airport let's just say your really really close to a farm I hunt. I'm tryin to figure where you are hunting that close to me where there is a 1000 acres Haha. Anyways , anywhere in southern Ohio you got a chance at a trophy and you never know when a booner might show up. If you got that big of a farm to hunt I'd almost put money that there is atleast 1 150inch buck Runnin around if not more. Pm me we might be able to.get to gether share some info

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  5. No guys I'm no were near passing on 150". Lol. I have watched 6 bucks over 150" all summer and one 8 point they will go high 150"-160" on my other farm near Winchester. The land owner just mentioned the other day about his other farm, and asked me if I was interested in hunting it and when he showed it to me and said it was 1000 acres and showed me the farm were the Amish buck was killed and it being right down the road my mind started racing . Especially after he showed me sheds from two years ago and the scored 186" and he and his dad said they have been seeing a bigger buck there often. Truth be told I'm praying that the 8 pointer walks by opening day and I wind have to worrie about it. I would post some trail cam pics but I can't fig. It out on my phone
  6. After I re read my opening post it does come across that I want something highly unlikely . It's nothing like that it just the wishful hunter in me coming out. Lol. :yikes:
  7. lol im trying to figure out how you got suck a good hook up dude. lol i hunt right down the road from both of those areas. surely you cant hunt 1000 acres all by your self wink wink. haha hook a brotha up haha. Winchester is pretty much the same as the other area you are talking about. could kill a monster from either spot let alone the whole county.
  8. i use the tapa talk app on my phone for forums. this one and Archery Talk. great can upload pics right from your phone onto the forums.
  9. here are a few bucks that i have in the evening coming out about 10 yards from my stand, i hope that the big 8 walks by about 6:30 sunday evening

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  10. Couple really nice bucks there. That 8 reminds me of the one I got last year. Love big 8s.

    He went 157 and 155

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  11. Those are some nice bucks