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Actress Records Holiday Album to Benefit Animal Rights Group

Discussion in 'Outdoor News' started by Big Frank 25, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. Anyway to make a buck for the dumbass's I guess.

  2. why is it that so many so called "entertainers" are anti-outdoorsman?there are lots and lots of them,probably the sure would be nice to have a few more like charlton heston and ted nugent.maybe if we all lobbied hard ebeneoghand pooled our money,we could get some kind of open season enacted for them:D :mad:
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  3. People with liberal beliefs tend to be the ones who are attracted to the "entertainer" lifestyle, and they are the type most likely to be activists for any cause. So, you see far fewer conservative actors/actresses, musicians, etc. Further exposure to this lifestyle by associating with more "entertainers", plus having lots of money, strenghthens their beliefs and makes them think they need to vehemently support one of their liberal causes. And, one of the most popular liberal causes today is animal rights. Unfortunately, the issue of animal rights gets turned around to be an anti-outdoorsman issue.
  4. You know I think the artist liberalism has more to do with being very wide and very shallow than anything else. I don't think that folks who support "Animal Rights" for the most part have any idea how extreme the positions of the boards , charters, and by-laws really are. I think it is more of a "Gee whiz that sounds good quick and dirty decision" than anything really well thought out. My proof is that if liberals were thinking at all; they wouldn't be liberals now would they! :D
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  5. Right on paws. Everytime I turn around, some liberal sticks his(or her) nose in my business. I don't try to run their lives, why do they want to run (and ruIn) mine? Someone once said "everyone has the God given right to do whatever they damn well please, but they also have the God given responsibility to suffer the consequences for their actions" By the way, hi fron the NAHC BB. Thanks for pointing the way here.
  6. Welcome aboard BuckeyeBill! Glad you found it. It is a good board. No doubt! (Ball caps are ugly though!! :eek: )
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