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ACT test results

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by lureboy98, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. Well, I went and picked up my ACT test results today and I found out I earned a 29! Last year I got a 28 as a sophomore and I plan on taking it next year to try to get above a 30. The highest score possible is a 36, it said I earned a higher grade than 95% of high school students.
  2. nice job!! keep it up.


  3. Lance

    Lance Super Mod Mod

  4. Nice...........better than I did.........I think I got a 22? That used to be good enough so I only took it once.
  5. Nice job. It is probably from hanging out here with all of us smart guys. LOL:D :D :D :D
  6. Good job lureboy....You seem like a very nice, smart young man....
  7. Thanks for all of the kind words. Right now I'm looking at in-state schools like Walsh or Mount Union. I've visited those two so far, and I plan on visiting some more. Maybe I'll dedicate my life to teaching catqueen how to fish (or die trying!!)
  8. not good enough to play tennis for them
  9. I'm not in good enough shape to play football, but I'm gonna work and hopefully get there. I'm sure you could get there, just takes time and practice. You wouldn't have to try for the team as soon as you set foot on the campus. Have you toured OSU? If you can't get into good physical shape for any sport at Larkin's probably should take up another sport. And they are gonna make it even better. Right now there is a huge lap pool, a cardio room, free weight room, a non free weight room(the machines with pulleys and cables.........can't think of what they are called:eek: :p ), indoor track, indoor basketball courts, a bunch of courts where youbounce the ball off the wall, boxing, wrestling, HUGE locker room with showers, sauna the whole bit, there is tons, I haven't walked through the whole place yet and I've been there 2 years. If you use all the facilities that OSU has to offer, you get more than you pay for. What do you want to go to school for?
  10. I have been to OSU on several occasions, ie: concerts, past tennis events. They recruit people from all over the nation, and I know I wouldn't be good enough to make the team. I want to play tennis for a team in college. I know someone that did play for OSU, the bottom part of the team, and he absolutely kills me when we play. As far as a major, right now I'm looking at something in the business field, and probably international business.
  11. Way to go! Your a credit to Sportsmen.
  12. I just want to second the facilities at Larkin. They even let Department of Natural Resources students like me in there. Congrats on the ACT score. For God's Sake use it right. I got a very very high ACT in high school, and a scholarship to go with it. I'm embarrassed to say my score, because it did not reflect my work and I quickly lost that scholarship.
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