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Abu Garcia Linecounters

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I was told the new linecounters are now available, has anybody seen them anywhere and what are the prices like on them
thanks, JS

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Here is a link I have bookmarked from a while back. They still dont' have them in stock. You might want to check it out:

NP Ray. Hey, if you happen to come across a link where they have them in stock, let me know! I'll do the same. I'd KILL to get the upgrade kits for my 6500's. I'd much rather troll for eyes with 6500's than with some of your larger spooled trollers.
Nope, not at all! And they conversion is easily accomplished by removing the side plate! Weight might be an issue though LOL. But who cares!

I have a set of Okuma Magda20 Linecounters I'm using for my lead core outfits. Work real nicely. I just like the smaller sized reels. And like you said, the smaller diameter braids won't bulk up the reels.
I own two, and they are the most solid, reliable reels I've ever owned. Great action. Both are 6500 C3's
Hey Desperado, do you just have the 6500's like us, or the new linecounters? Just curious.

Hey, I'm still looking for those decals! LOL. They are here...>I swear.

It would be hard to tell since it's a digital. I would hate to have to cast some of the traditional linecounters. That's a good question!
1 - 6 of 20 Posts
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