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Abu Garcia Linecounters

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Erie, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. NP Ray. Hey, if you happen to come across a link where they have them in stock, let me know! I'll do the same. I'd KILL to get the upgrade kits for my 6500's. I'd much rather troll for eyes with 6500's than with some of your larger spooled trollers.
  2. That makes 2 of us ..

    I got a zillion Abu's layin' around from my bassin' days that would make excellent LC trollers ~ with the new low dia super braids. Cap is not much of a issue! :)
  3. Nope, not at all! And they conversion is easily accomplished by removing the side plate! Weight might be an issue though LOL. But who cares!

    I have a set of Okuma Magda20 Linecounters I'm using for my lead core outfits. Work real nicely. I just like the smaller sized reels. And like you said, the smaller diameter braids won't bulk up the reels.
  4. I have not had good experiences with abu garcia reels. Just my 2 cents. I had one when i went to Canada and it broke right out of the box.
  5. I own two, and they are the most solid, reliable reels I've ever owned. Great action. Both are 6500 C3's
  6. Ray and Tpet, try calling Reeds Sporting Goods.1 800 346 0019.They have them listed in there catalog for 119.99 and 39.99 for the LC kit.It may also be free shipping.Everytime I order from them is it always free.
    Capt`n Dwayne
    WalleyeWiz Guide Service
  7. Hey Desperado, do you just have the 6500's like us, or the new linecounters? Just curious.

    Hey, I'm still looking for those decals! LOL. They are here...>I swear.
  8. Ray, give them a call, they are listed in thier catalog.
  9. Just curious....

    having never used a counter that counter capable of telling you how far you cast...or just used when letting out line slowly? Be a great tool for bank anglers (non-gps) sketches.
  10. Bob,

    It would be hard to tell since it's a digital. I would hate to have to cast some of the traditional linecounters. That's a good question!
  11. I have about 5 of the 5500C3 models that I purchase a long time ago. About 4 of them need repaired. I would also like to convert them to infinite anti-reverse and add the side plate with the "clicker" line-out warning....

    Anyone have a website where parts can be purchased???
  12. Jim ...

    interestin' site! :)