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About Carp:

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by BottomBouncer, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. I think I just found out why carp jump. While sitting here at the computer I got splashed because my little carp, about 6 inches, jumped in the aquarium, then went to the bottom and rubbed his sides........I think they are scratching themselves?
  2. lol

    I think maybe Bob was the one that said that before when a post came up about "why carp jump" on another forum...i think he said..cause they want too..or something like
    So you have carp in your take too huh?
    I got 3 carp in mine..along with my boys 3 or 4 big goldfish.
    I cant get over just how much alike they are(even though they are not the same species strain) also those carp were about 3-4" when i put them in there this earlly the domanate one is about 8" easily.
    Thier my little bait, but any tank fish like that will eat anything you drop in there that hey can get in thier so far they all give my test baits a thumbs;) :rolleyes:
    If only carp inthe wild would eat like that while im

    BB i think your correct in your thoughts...i have seen many species "scratch" themselfs on rock, gravel, ect. along the bottom.i think they do this to help remove parasites that collect on them when they sit belly on bottom to rest..i know in the dead of winter i will start catching smallies that will have very small leaches on them around thier gill plates and on thier bellies, this lets me know that they are not moving around and are sitting still on i change tactics to catch them...during the warmr times they are always moving and i wont find one single leach on them.
    I know some fish roll on the bottom to try to stir up small organizims that the feed on that are hiding in the mud..have seen red horse suckers "flash" off the bottom to do this.

  3. I think they jump.....

    Because they can & because they want to show off how pretty they are !
  4. I have had Carp jumoing all around me before, and I have failed to catch a one...Avery hard fish to catch consistantly
  5. I always see NICE size carp below Griggs while fishing for smallies. Dark shadows every now and then.........once a year I catch one while fishing for smallies, last years was 15lbs. previous year broke me off.

    I've caught many carp over the 26" mark and several over the 30"..........none of them broke me off. This one must have been a bit larger.
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