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    Ok, first of all I have to give it up to the man upstairs! Now and forever!! Family, health, prosperity, these are the things I pray for and I always end with asking for patience! Boy was I put to limits Sunday morning!![​IMG]

    My good friend Bill and I, were cruising roads this spring and scouting properties to turkey hunt. We knocked on doors and obtained the "hard to get written permission" from a more than pleasant couple in Athens county. At first look the property was a turkey hunters dream and we had fun there this spring! What really had us excited were the deer there. On another adjacent property we turkey hunt, I spotted a big main frame buck last year in February. I was hunting antlers and he and his buddy were still sporting theirs. He was headed in a good direction, you know it, right towards the other property. We knew fast that the piece, even though thin on one end, was a main travel corridor of some big mature nanny does. If this old boy has learned anything hunting Whitetails in SE Ohio, it is that the mature bucks usually use the mature does for extra eyes during heavily pressured gun week!! We had found us some big Nanny's does while turkey hunting this spring and they have been burning a whole in the back of my subconscious since Saturday morning.

    The property was hunted hard by four guys, for the first three days. The fifth hunter, a neighbor, was still hunting the other end of the property sunday morning!! He had been where I was sunday morning, since Thursday. Second guessing himself, he wanted to change it up for Sundays hunt!! Perfect I can take my buddy and put him on the side we turkey hunt, and I can sit behind the house, near the creek. I can even take the turkey chair and just relax from the long week of trying to put others on big bucks. The homeowners had watched a group of does, with two nice bucks, cross the rocky cliff ridge on the south side, since Thursday! I showed my buddy the terrain Saturday night, and we made a plan to go in at 7:30. This would give him time to get setup, when he could see, to pick a good shooting lane. I would take the short straw, again, and set on the 70 yard wide side. With the wind hitting us both in the face, we would have the advantage if the group of mature does leaded the two shooter bucks through the hollow!! A county road and a township road, split four sections of private land in an area where two hollows meet. So between me and my long time friend, we have a township road. Ahead of both of us a few hundred yards, the county road runs perpindicular. The property on the other side of that road, has a resident buck, that every year except last, had a right side drop tine. I go to the man's church, his father is the preacher. I know this buck exists, have know for some years now!! I was talking on the phone with Bill last February looking at him without his drop tine, at four and a half!! This year he has it again, his buddy is super tall, maybe bigger and It's the last day of gun season. He has been hunted by at least four people for years, but this is my first year with a crack at him and I wanted to make it count. I stayed out of it with a bow, place zero stands, and waited till I could aim my HNR 45_70 toward him!! Trust me it was hard!! That's why I pray for patience so much. These Whitetails can drive you nuts!! Luckily, there have been absolutely no shots since Wednesday on the property, and excitement in my heart. I can just feel the property calling me.

    I awake Sunday morning with a smile, my little one is already awake, checking to see what the elf did last night. If you have an elf on the shelf, you know!! She wishes me luck as I get dressed and ready for the morning hunt. My friend arrives at 7, I load the truck and we head down the road. One last look over the situation in the vehicle and he drops me off at the pipeline that we turkey hunt. He gets out and sprays me, my rifle, chair, and my rubber boots down thouroughly. We both offer words of encouragement, wish luck, and he gets back into the truck and heads for the cliffs. I walk down the mowed path, across the pipeline, down the creek, and hit my knees when I'm in good cover. A prayer is said and emphasis is put on Patience. Patience is the finisher of any great hunt, whitetail or otherwise. I stand back up, walk a hundred or so more yards and find some brush to set up in. I relax into my turkey chair and look at the clock, 7:20.

    As I sit there, I realize, I am not in the greatest position. If the bucks do follow script, my friend gets off a shot and the other buck crosses the road then I am good. If the deer happen to come down the trail I did, I'm busted sooner or later. I decide, if on the rare chance that did happen, that I would bail out of the chair and use the creek to hide my sillouete. Well, I just enjoy my first ten minutes or so of comfort when I am pretty sure I hear hooves on pavement. More hooves, for sure. Great I think to myself, I hit my knees, fold my chair and tuck it into the brush almost unwillingly. Thank the Lord I sprayed down, These deer are taking the same path that I took in. The same way that Bill, Missy and I watched three does come from while fall turkey hunting, weeks before. I slide into the creek and get into a pretty good position!

    The does are coming right up my front door. I am watching one feed, where a good eight point was harvested Wednesday, and I see them. Two, for sure, shooter bucks in tow. Behind them, another train of does. I say to myself patience, as a lay against the bank of the creek, boots in the December water. I pick a lane, get braced and wait. The Droptine buck starts to feed down the creek, stops on the pipeline, and turns sideways. I take a breath, squeeze on the trigger, and the gun surprises me!! The does leading the group, are confused and they run right at me, as the shot echoes down the hollow. So do both Buck's. The three does are now behind me. In all the action, I had to slide into the creek to keep the buck in the scope. I'm talking both legs laying in frozen water now!! Eventually I lost him, but he wasn't far. He is looking toward the road directly above me!!

    This is what I saw from behind as he was looking toward the mouth of the hollow


    The two bucks standing above me now, at five yards, and I'm laying in freezing water. Anytime now, he is gonna fall, I know it. Seconds pass, then more!! Now I'm looking at the buck with both eyes open, one eye in the scope, other eye on him. I'm doing my best impression. You know, The Statue of David, frozen creek version 2.0!! He had no idea, nor his ten plus buddies, that I was even there. Through the scope he is so close all I can see is glimmer in his eyes, then back of his head, as he scans for the hunter that took the shot. After a few minutes go by, the does behind me make a move. Stomping around, let's me know, they aren't content!! Any moment he is gonna leave when the does do!!The bucks stay put, but jockey around to scan the hillside above me. Eventually, he switches positions and I'm staring right down the barrel of the rifle again at a great shooting opportunity. A doe behind me starts to stomp, she has my wind. Laying in water to my knees, I breath again and squeeze off the impressive three or four yard shot. Immediately the mature does start scattering. The other buck, a possible booner, walks past me slowly up the creek until he catches my mind and books it hard for Vinton county. If my buddy were there, we would have had them both. The first shot was low and if I hadn't taken the second, a tracking dog would've been needed!! Thank the Lord for the second chance!!

    Rejoice. Wet, I hit my knees again Sunday morning as I grab the horns of the ever popular Droptine buck. I knew when I held him that he would gross the 170 mark. I knew last year, think I told Bill he was a booner in the making!! The excitement on the faces of friends and family was cool!! They made the countless footsteps, in mostly public ground all week, well worth it. I really wanted to outsmart a giant public buck this week, but God had other plans. I fill the tag, do the cleanup, and we take him to my house. My neighbors can't help but come look, but eventually I made it to grandma's with the buck. After many pictures, and story's, we hang the buck and make a game plan to try to outsmart another Ohio stud. It works , my uncle takes a four year old nine point that has been eluding bowhunters all season. I still can't believe it. Here is a pic of the second shooter buck we took off private land Sunday


    I scouted the woods today for more friends and was happy to see that some scrape lines that I found on public right were opened right back up last night! The season is early my friends so use this storm front coming to get in some more rut action!! To all here at Ohiosportsman, good luck and stay safe!!!


    One last look at our two private land bucks!!


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