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A crappie quiz

Discussion in 'Warm Water Species Fishing' started by LakeRaider, Dec 28, 2002.

  1. Can anyone add to this list of names for crappie?

    silver crappie,bachelor,white perch,sac-a-lait,newlight,strawberry bass,calico bass,goggle eye,papermouth,tin mouth,specs,lamplighters,bachelor perch,speckled perch,freckles,croppie,grassbass,slabs,

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  2. I have only heard of half of what you have listed. But looks like you got it covered.

  3. LOL!

    Yea, I was thinking the exact same thing.
  4. When my cousin and I use to fish for them alot we always called them soft mouth bass.

  5. Bill

    For the record, what part of the country did this name come from?A lot of the names I have are Cajun born. LakeRaider:""
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  6. Hey Todd

    I know around my parents place in Fl. i was lost when a few local guys were saying the "specs" were hitting real good..i thought..what the heck is that?..then i figured it out soon
    Heck i thought they were talking speckled trout..but in FRESHWATER????;)
  7. It came from my own mouth, I fished for bass mainly, so when I was fishing for crappie I made it up. We are prob. the only ones that call them that.

  8. How about the basic names of white and black crappie?

    Specked crappie is the only other one I can think of.

    Interesting thread LakeRaider. There are a number of other species of fish with multiple names. I guess it depends on where you live or grew up.
  9. Interesting, the Flathead Catfish has many different names also.
  10. Your right Jack and so does Bluegill. Red ear, shell cracker(Larger ones), bream, just ones I can think of off the top of my head.;)
  11. I,m addin

    Bubbahunters name for crappie to the list! sam-iches" :) LakeRaider:""
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  12. Bluegils

    Down south they call'em brim and roach. LakeRaider:""
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  13. crappie

    Not actually another name but 22-30 inch muskies often call 5-8 inch crappie lunch;)

    I look for overall crappie size to increase at Alum Creek lake since the introduction of muskies there. At Piedmont lake crappies are almost non existent mostly due to poor spawning habitat but partially due to high muskie population.

    At some lakes where brushpiles are submerged to create crappie habitat the population of crappies is maintained.

    Take a look at what I found near a brushpile for crappies.


    This was not a coincidence since I have repeated the same results over and over:cool:


    Locating brushpiles is my first priority when fishing a new lake for flatheads.
  14. Great looking fish Robby. When are we going out to get some of those?;)
  15. Another name

    I've heard them referred to as Striper Candy too. Where you fish too, at Brookville, Lakeraider ! Stripes wouldn't touch a shad, only wanted "candy"
  16. Your right

    Back in the old days at B-ville when only suckers were legal for stripers, somehow a crappie would end up on the business end of the rig. lol. Raider:"
  17. Here's a few I found in one of my fishing books:

    oswego bass, sacalait, barfish, crawpie, moonfish..........