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Great Read...

I never realized till right now that my father was a carper (his is gone now)... Oh I'd say about 30 years ago or better we use to fish all the time at Ladue Res and did very well at night on catfish early in the year.
Once summer arrived well Dad did not have the time to fish like we used to in the spring but once a month we'd be out there with the nightcrawlers my dad caught with his homemade worm-rod... electric that he plugged in then stuck inb the ground...
My Dad would wade out to this little island that really was just a rock pile and sit on a lawn chair he brought while I waded around with a zebco33, a lake erie bobber(fist size-red+white), a hook spreader for perch and a pocket full of worms catching small bluegill...
Well the carp were always there it seemed and Dad would use some lil pkg od carp bait he bought and kept in the fridge along with the worms. He would catch maybe one or two each time we went and used them for trapping bait in the fall LOL... I fished with him very little cause those carp were few and far between but did onetime hook a huge fish that took all the line I had off the real except where it was knotted on!!! I walked now trying to keep up with the fish when my Dad grabbed the pole and worked some line back in LOL WHEW.....
As I was gaining on this fish some line that was not mine started to come in with my own and simply tangled the whole works up :(
I then was broke off and real tired, more so then while I was fighting that fish... My Dad used hsi hands to bring in the rest of the rest of the line that was still out in the water and brought in all the line that tangled around mine along with the empty wooden spool someone used for a bobboer that used to hold sewing thread !!!!! UNREAL LMAO
I don't remember when we stopped fishing there like that but it could have been around when I started noticing girls hmnmnn :D
Have a son of my own now that I think together we'll do a little carpin if he's up to it this coming spring and summer ;)
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