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Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by mrtwister_jbo, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. seen 8 deer on quad ride in this mornin at 6am,had a real nice 10pt walk down the logging rd at sunrise.seen 1st rat at 7am no shots he was in a hickery tree,#2 showed up at 8:15 were he meet mr ruger 22/45. seen #3 an#4 but never got any shots as they hide in some big old oaks,#5 showed up in a cherry tree were he had his last meal:D

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  2. Nice work with that ruger. I have a mkii 22/45 and im hoping to get one with it this year. we got 3 before my boy found that bee nest.

  3. Outstanding, good shooting.

  4. nice shootin whats a 22/45...:mischeif::D
  5. It's a Ruger Mk II or III with a different grip angle from their original model. The angle replicates that of a .45 1911. It points a lot more naturally, in my opinion.

    That optic do you have on your pistol Mr. Twister?
  6. thanks i'll check into that ...hopefully its not a whole lot more to have that type...:D
  7. It's actually cheaper, since they use a polymer frame instead of metal. I got mine new at Fin, Feather, Fur for $250. It's the target model with adjustable sites and a 5.5" bull barrel. A good deal if you ask me!
  8. dellikose,
    that is a barska electro sight.
  9. Nice morning afield. A shotgun hunter might say "Only 2?" but I can appreciate the patiene it takes to get lose enough and have one hold still for a pistol shot.

    lol, I'm only sayin all this because I don't want people makin fun of me for missing alot of rabbits this year using a 410 pistol.

    Seriously though. Great hunt!
  10. been out a couple times....went out first night say five only got got one....not bad hunting all i have been hunting or ever hunted was hickory trees with atleast a sighting everytime out
  11. Nimrod

    Nimrod Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    Congrats! I should have been out shootin them suckers already:nono:. Now I'm even more motivated to go out!