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8 Point

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by bikertrash1, Dec 13, 2002.

  1. Got a 8 point night before thanksgiven using a highcountry had for about 10 yrs good old bow shot a lot of deer with it , this one i took outside of Athens Oh last yr i got a 7point same area yr before I got a doe & 7 point about 12 min apart first the doe then the buck the doe went about 35 yrs and piled up ane the buck went about 30 yrs and was dead in about 10sec double lung both of then.
    I'm going muzzel loading Sat & Sun down in Athens hope we get some snow before would be nice.


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  2. I got Buck fever just looking at that pic.

    Good luck this weekend.

  3. That was an awesome pic! I'm thinking about buying one of those infared trail cameras for next season. I'd like to get some shots of the deer on the property we hunt. There is a 14ptr running out there, saw him on opening day of gun season this year. I'm sure he's still there, cause he wasn't checked into the check station. I checked when I was there :D
  4. Skunked again! My neighbor shot a beautiful 8 point that I jumped and ran to my partners blind. I thought my partner shot it until we linked up in the late afternoon. I set a lawn chair above a run and several rubs and scrapes. Was in a blind behind a neighbors woodpile watching another run when my partner jumped four. Later that afternoon when I returned to my blind the tracks of the four ran right by my chair. Well I guess unless I learn to use a bow;[color = red] "skunked again![/color]:D
  5. Congrats bikertrash.:cool:

    Yea you better Phil....or take your lunch with you.:D
  6. That you Fred? Was wondering where you have been hiding. You hunted that lease yet?;)
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  7. Yep it is me.:D :eek:

    I got a small doe in October there and I hunted with Ron B. during gun. I nailed the crap out of a tree shooting at one then. LOL.
  8. Better plan on coming down here next year buddy. That 8 point dressed out at 160 plus and I've seen a 4 point just as big. That 18 point (Big Boy) and 10 point (Mutant) have not been checked in either. You know, unless one of these mothers poached them.:(
  9. Congrats on the deer! What a great pic, just wish I was there to see it all.;)