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700 ACRES FOR 8 HUNTERS Max , $850 per year

Discussion in 'Land Sale - Buy - Lease' started by buckwhacker02, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. Make 2012 the year to hunt where the big deer live,Pike county Ohio.We just came back from a weekend trip to check out this new lease and WOW!!!! Even in 95 degree heat we saw several huge "wallhangers". This is the year to give yourself the opportunity of a lifetime at a very reasonable cost.
    Check us out at http// or call George at (207)210-3940
  2. 850 per year per person?

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  3. Ya, and apparently you can't hunt the property during the peak of the rut... lol
  4. heh heh heh...i know a place with much more acerage that you can get a trophy for nothin...:biggrin::D
  5. The only bad thing about that cooner is that WN gets flooded with everybody and there brother from all diffrent states...And most of em are idiots...
  6. prolly no worse then that place...have you hunted the wnf...i've hunted private land in the surrounding area...and its hard to tell any difference in the hunters...they all act about the same...especially when they start least on the wnf theyre not trespassing...:biggrin:
  7. WN is not to bad in bow season the best luck i'v had on it in bow season is two days before gun season... Guys come in scouting and run the big bucks right in your lap...Other than that in gun season i stay far far away from the WN tired of bullets wizzing past my head...
  8. to me it seems like the deer disappear a week before gun season...especially the big they know its coming again...i've never had bullets whizzing over my head(not on the wnf anyways or even private) ...actually i see very few hunters on the wnf even during gun season in my favorite spots...i only see small bucks and doe which most would slay in a second...the big boys are well hidden it seems...thats ok by me...:biggrin:
  9. Theres some huge ones in there cooner... I'v killed a couple and seen lots more...Right over by lewisville...
  10. i see them in archery season but not during gun season...:D
  11. Sorry for robbing your thread buck....:coolgleamA: