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6 days and counting

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by cowboyruggee, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. And ill be creeping through the woods, yipping on the coyote call, sneaking in closer and closer ever so quietly. Softly putting, purring and tree calling until that long beard decided to fly down. He hits the ground and I get aggressive with the calling. Cutting and yelping. It sounds like he is coming my way. I switch to a mouth call and give him a few minutes to panic about my silence. I throw a few purrs and soft yelps at it him. He is gobbling a couple times a minute, closing the distance. He is within 60 yards. I rake the leaves with my fingers but hear nothing. A squirrel starts barking in front of me 40 yds away and he fires off. Gun on shoulder, finger on the safety, looking down the barrel towards his gobble. Another soft purr and he wanders in front of me at 27 yds. I cluck twice, he pops his head up and i pull the trigger. I jump up excited and cheering, not knowing he is flying
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  2. Yea lol that's not the plan cowboy!!! Better prepare a different ending!!! It's gonna drag too all week!!!
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