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5/13 Turkey

Discussion in 'Ohio Turkey Hunting' started by Whitetail24, May 19, 2017.

  1. After hunting in Wisconsin for the fourth straight year and tagging out, I finally got over to the Muskingum Co. farm on Friday 5/12 to hunt the evening. Saw a couple hens on a clover plot but heard no gobbling. Went back to same spot on Saturday am and man was it a foggy morning. Got in early and hit the owl call and did a couple tree yelps, but never heard anything. Shortly before daylight, I heard the first gobble which was followed by many more. Had 3-4 birds roosted within 100 yards of the plot and were answering tree yelps as they got going on the roost. I never heard them fly down, but there was a period of ~5 minutes of silence when I was worried that they were headed north to the next field. Finally, I heard a gobble about 150 yards out. I yelped and nothing. I did a more excited yelp and he cut me off so I shut up. A couple of minutes later he gobbled again at about 75 yards. I clucked then yelped and again he cut the yelp off so I shut up. About 5 minutes later he came into the field, saw the Avian X hen, got to 30 yards and that was it. Great, text book hunt that ended at around 635am. Weighed in at 23.5lbs, 11 1/4 inch beard and 1 1/8 in. spurs.
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  2. A beauty. Congrats.

  3. Nice! Love it when they talk back! Congrats.
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