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Haven't hunted in three months for various reasons. Selling all my dogs and maybe the equipment. Any questions call or pm me.

#1 walker male just turned two. Paid up performance and superstakes. Has a 2nd place in ukc and has been in two night hunts. Loud dog simple to call.loud squall on track chop on tree. Will finish out in ukc and win in pkc if he's taken. If not he will tree ya a truck load of ****.


#2 walker male 5 years old. Is a ukc nite champion and has money won pkc. Bawl on track chop on tree. Good solid dog. I used him to hunt pups with. Planned on finishing him out but he hasnt been in a nite hunt since he made nite champ.


#3 8 month old walker pup out of Mojo. Paid up performance and superstakes eligible. Doesn't know a thing never been in the woods at night. Was worked on drags when he was younger and did well. Good mouth on him $350. Which is what i paid for him off the tit.

#4 11 month old walker male. Off my buddy beads dog drifter. Harry bred top and bottom side. Big dog with a huge mouth. Hasn't been in the woods in a few months but Treed drags and when cut in with other dogs he went his own way. Should be a lonely hunter when he gets going. Paid up superstakes ukc registered.


I also have dog boxes several lights tracking collers ect... That i may sell but that wouldn't be until the dogs are gone.

Prices are pretty firm,will make you a good deal if ya want more than one.

May consider trades but i gotta be able to sell the trades for what I'm asking on the dogs

440-452-9295 call anytime - See More Here: http://www.ohiosportsman.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=926
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