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30lb test enough for BIG flatheads?

Discussion in 'Ohio Catfish Anglers' started by Roosterfish, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. I just cleaned all my rods and reels. Planning to get line on them in a few weeks. Had planned to go with 30lb Big Game. Is this strong enough for bank fishing the Ohio River? I PLAN to catch a few MONSTERS this year!
  2. I have found that for most situations 30lb is about all you need ... if you are in places where you might need to horse a fish, then you might want to step up a little ... but remember the bigger you go .. the less you have:D :D

  3. No doubt about it, good quality 30-lb mono is all you need for BIG flatheads
  4. I USE SPIDER WIRE or fireline from 50# can get a lot on a big reel.i get 100yds on a micro lite.i never get broke off and can pull out of any snag without breaking the line.i don't even know if i can break this stuff. hooks either bend or break first.
  5. line


    I think there are a lot of variables to be considered when choosing your line.

    When fishing from a boat or in open water 30 pound line combined with quality reels with a proper drag set will whip a very large catfish. I got a fairly nice flathead from bait set next to an underwater tree on a spinning rod loaded with 30#.


    If you are fishing swift current or snag infested waters you may consider using heavier line. But there are circumstances where flatheads will not be caught even with the heaviest line.

    Remember it is better to get a big cat on and lose him than to never hook one. The more you hook the better your odds of landing one.

    When fishing you should prepare as best you can and then deal with each fish as they come. Every catfish trip is unique and will build a lifetime of memories to be savored forever.

    Remember to release the trophy cats to spawn, grow, and fight again!:)
  6. now for the way i keep cats off the bottom and out of unseen snags.i use a night i use a lit bobber.i float the large minnow down stream 100yds or micro reel holds about 100yds of super braid line. so to get farther downstream i have to follow the bobber.the bobber will disappear from a hit on every float when the cats are biting.i catch a large portion of these,channels and river cats about half and bait is large live chubs preferrably at least 7".the fish run on average about 3# with occaisonal going 10-15# rivercat.they catch them up to 70# out of this hole and many over 40# mostly on hand size goldfish that go about 70 cents each.and yes they use the heavy equip. and fish bottom.these guys sell their fish to pay ponds,i release mine.
  7. Mr Tinkham

    To bad you don't live in Ohio. When I have evidence that someone is selling gamefish to a paylake I call 1-800-POACHER.

    The Ohio DNR was very proud to arrest and prosecute individuals last year in what is called Operation Mudcat.
  8. Mr Tinkham

    To bad you don't live in Ohio. When I have evidence that someone is selling gamefish to a paylake I cal 1-800-POACHER.

    The Ohio DNR was very proud to arrest and prosecute individuals last year in what is called Operation Mudcat.
  9. i believe its legal to sell the fish,not certain but i read an article in the columbus dispatch an it had a part about selling the fish.i do not have a boat so all my fishing is done on a medium size river that has lots of snags and swift current,thats the reason i like to float the bobber.the strong line is to get the fish out and over snags.quite a feat on micro rod but the strong line lets me HORSE them.hopefully i get a pontoon this year and can test the big water of the ohio.with micro and heavy stuff too.
  10. Maybe you should reread that article

    Mr. Tinkham

    Before anyone thinks about selling Ohio fish they should read this.

    Operation Mudcat

    It will do you know good to tell a judge what you believe because he will simply tell you the law;)
  11. Robby, I just finished reading that article on Operation Mudcat and have a question. If those individuals were busted for selling fish to a paylake, how are the commercial fisherman from Ky. allowed to sell their fish to paylakes here in Ohio? I'm curious about this because Ky. is the only state within the Greater Cincinnati area that permits the commercial harvesting of catfish on the Ohio. Neither Indiana or Ohio allow commercial fishing on the Ohio. Any ideas?
  12. katfish, i am not selling fish,my posts are clear that i release them.i'm a bass fisherman too and have released fish in the early 60s long before catch and release was even thought of.i enjoy the most challenge i can get from catching fish.for bass i use a micro outfit with a 4 1/2 pole and have caught two bass over 8# here in ohio .line was 20# fireline.
  13. Paylakes


    I am not sure of how the law applies to paylakes. I would guess that Paylake owners claim that fish they buy are "raised" commercially. ODNR is pretty much powerless unless they can prove otherwise.

    Now that being said

    You and I both know that no one raises fish commercially to the size touted by the paylakes advertisements.

    It seems that those prosecuted lost their fishing privileges in Ohio so the only place they can fish is a Paylakes:D
    And they got their paylake buddies convicted also:eek:

    Again I say the number to call when you observe your tax dollars being stolen is: 1-800-POACHER
  14. Can you be a resident of Ohio and get a commercial license from Kentucky to fish the Ohio River? I'm still confused by the link between commercial fishing and paylakes here in Ohio. I know of at least one paylake owner who also catches fish from the Ohio and sells them to other lakes. I was always under the assumption that he was a commercial fisherman, but maybe it was all illegal?? I've seen his fish trucks, and the fish in his holding ponds, and have even talked to him about it, so I know it really happens.
  15. by ohio definition he is a poacher:D :D :D
  16. So, it sounds like to me, that you can not harvest gamefish with the intent to profit or make a gain from them. SO......anyone who fishes for these cats and puts them in their pond is breaking the law. In that case "Paradise" from my understanding should be out of business, as well as nearly all pay lakes.
  17. the dispatch had the going price for what they get for big catfish.its a lot.the paylakes use them in big fish contests.yes it is going on.i can't understand if its illegal why people doing it would be interviewed in the col. dispatch.i'm a catch and release guy myself.
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