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30-30 Winchester

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Hey guys thinking about buying a marlin 336 in 30-30win, I dont know much about the cartridge what do you guys think of it?
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I love it! had one for 12 years now and kill deer every year in ky. i killed a black bear with it and its been to africa with me. its a durable gun and a tough round. the new hornady lever revolution ammo shoots phenominal out of it too. adds 50 plus yards for me. if you hunt in heavy cover or honeysuckle its a great gun and round. if u wanna shoot 300 yds it aint the gun for that though. my .02
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I like mine. :) for deer hunting in MI use the Hornady LeverRevolution rounds and benched I'm shooting 1 1/2" groups at 100 yards. That round is advertived to shoot point of aim out through 200 yards and from what I can tell so far it's probably real. I'm hoping to actually bench it at 200 yards this summer. I keep some lighter gr rounds for "plinking" that a guy hand loads for me. They shoot about 2" lower than the Hornady's at 100 yards.
Everybody should own at least one high power rifle. If you only afford one, really think hard about what you plan to use it for the most. Then you can choose a lever, a semi auto or a bolt gun. then decide which caliber
a 30/30 is good enough to hunt deer in surrounding states, but in Ohio, not much to shoot at but coyotes and if you can find a hog.
if I was going to buy a 30-30 the marlin 336 is what I would buy. But the 30-30 round falls short of the newer round like 30-06, .270 7mm08 and many more. Like antiqucycle said think about what you want to use it for then choose a rifle and caliber that fits the uses. Look up some billistics for the calibers you think fits your needs.
What everyone said is right on. The older Marlins are better than the brand new ones. Remington has some troubles cutting their teeth since they bought out Marlin. Still, I love my Marlin 336 (I own about 13 Marlins) and I vote to go ahead and get it. Here is a pic of mine.

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