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3-D Shoots This Weekend

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by LookMa-NoHands!, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. There are 4 different shoots this weekend in S.E. Michigan, near Cabela's. I'm going to at least 2 of them. If anybody wants to join me, I'll post directions.

    It's gonna be cold, so dress warm!
  2. A little far for me right now in the cold wait untill it warms up alittle then i will be glad to make a couple shoots.

  3. Well........I only went to one shoot today. I'll give anyone a guess as to why. LOL!! I think I'm going to set a limit of 30 degrees or more before I shoot. 24 degrees today-it was a cold one.

    Anyway, it was a fun shoot. I got my first win of the year too. Not a bad way to start the year.
  4. congrats

    Good job on the win... How many people usually show up to the shoots? It sounds like a good time, and I would greatly enjoy it. I need to get out and practice though. If anyone knows of any in SW Ohio, let me know. Thanks.

  5. Gamegetter, the first one I know of in SW ohio is Feb. 1 at the Cinton Co sportsmans assoc.
  6. Gamegetter-the number of people that show varies. Like today, I only shot against 13 or so other people in my class. I usually shoot Open or Freestyle class. The two biggest classes are Freestyle (Open), and Bowhunter. I know the I.B.O. has different names, but this is what they're called at local shoots.

    Anyway, during the summer, in my area I would expect anywhere from 30-80 other shooters in my class. It depends on weather, other shoots, and so on. The only drawback in's very addicting!!
  7. Thanks...

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I'm relatively new to bowhunting, getting my bow last season, but I have been practicing. What are the skill levels? Are all of the people pros, or are there a range of different skills? I think that a 3-D shoot would be very exciting, not to mention good practice. I'll look into the one Feb. 1. Thanks again.

  8. I wouldn't worry too much about your scores and stuff at first. Just go and have fun. The majority of guys I've seen are average bowhunters just trying to get in some practice and socialize. There are all different skill levels and classes. From first timers to Pros.

    One tip: ask who the best shooters are and watch them-their form, habits, and routine. Ask them a lot of questions. If you're new to archery this can and will save you a ton of headaches. Watch how they draw, aim, how their form looks. Ask them to watch you and give some pointers. Most of the guys would be flattered to do so.

    I think 3-D shoots are the best and most fun way to practice. Let me know how the first one goes.
  9. Thanks

    I'll definitely look into it! Sounds like a blast.

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