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3-D Shoots, Anybody interested?

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Spitfire, Jan 5, 2003.

  1. January 12, @ Twin Cedars. Located between Zanesville & New Lexington (crooksville) They have 35 targets and some real hilly terrain. Registration is 8am-1pm, cost is $8.

    January 19, @ Wyandot Archers. Located Southeast of Upper Sandusky. They have 30 targets and registration is from 10am-1pm. Cost is $7.

    If anyone is interested let me know cause I am going to one of them. It will probably be Wyandot since I have never been there before. It doesnt seem to awful hard to get there, and it is a little over an hour drive from my house. We need some type of 3-D schedule on this site, similar to the one the other site has.
  2. its cold

    its cold out .i dont know if i can shoot with it bein this cold out.might have trouble hittin the target:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

  3. Sounds good to me either one im in ,As for the 3-d section i ask steve about this and they said to post your schedules on the calendar section.
  4. Hey C.D., I will PM you with the details. I think it will be Wyandot though, It might be a little slippery on those hill at Twin Cedars.
  5. Still waiting i thought we were supposed to go south the third week to hunt has that all changed or you not going spiter.I would like to try twin cedars never shot that course.i'm up for wyndot also if nobodies going to hunt any more
  6. 3D shootin DEER HUNTIN it dont matter to me as long as im out doin something.i thought we were goin down south for one more hunt if we dont have to work that weekend
  7. If you are going down hunting go for it, im not going. I have two deer and thats plenty for now. Dont forget that the first deer was the size of a cow. I am going to shoot Wyandot on the 19th.
  8. Otay what? Your going hunting, shooting or dont know yet?
  9. Just curious you guys that build your own arrows, where do you get all of the supplies for the most reasonable price??? Or is that like asking where your best location is for deer hunting/fishing, etc.????

  10. looking for feathers (4 inch) Shoot, the other day I bought 38 feathers (barred) for my arrows to refletch and it cost me $25.00 with a roll of Bohning fletching tape, does that sound high to you???
  11. i get mine from lancaster or cabelas.its around 25.00 but you get 50 feathers not 38.
  12. oops i screwed up the feathers are 15.99 per 50 for barred through cabelas and 17.99 through lancaster.
  13. Any word on those ICS 400 camo shafts there bodoodle ??
  14. yes on there way be here by friday
  15. Cabelas here ,But also lancaster archery have not tried fs discount.Also had a hell of a time finding the new gateway new purple feathers and had a buddy get them for me and at a good price to boot.;)
  16. Yeah, I think Cabela's archery department is a little limited as to what they want to carry though. :D
  17. This arrow building stuff is going to become very very addicting !