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3-d dates and locations

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by Byrd, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. Is there a place on this website that you can find 3-d shoots?
  2. Byrd you can click on the calendar to see 3-d shoots but i don't think there are any listed yet.I have not had the time to list the one that i know of yet. Steve just got the public section up and running there was a small problem but fixed so when i get time i will list all the shoots that i know of same with you list all the one you knoe of.Hope this helps

  3. We need to get everyone to post there shoots on the calender.
  4. Shoots

    I plan to post alot of shoots that I know about here before long.
    I am waiting to get the dates before doing it.
  5. Thanks alot Rick, if you can post there 3-D shoots that would help alot.
  6. 3-d

    I will do that as soon as I get tham.
  7. I posted some today but will work on some more later
  8. I am involved in the archery shoots for Trumbull Rod and Gun club,and Nelson Ledges archery, and will list our shoots as well as the shoots in this area as soon as they are finalized.
  9. Keep'em coming fella's! Lets get as many shoots on here as possible.
  10. It will be great to fill up the calander. We all can get together and go to the shoots in your areas.;)
  11. We have plenty of shoots going on around here. I know personally I like to shoot other places. The ones around here get old after awhile, I like to check out new clubs every once in awhile. THe place I might go this weekend (Shelby County Bowhunters), they haven't changed their course in probably 20 years. TO me that gets pretty boring to shoot all the time. A couple times a year is plenty.
  12. I know what you mean Spitfire. I have been to some shoots and the course never changes. It does get very boring.:)
  13. You would think they would mix it up a little bit. Walking the same paths shooting down the same lanes at the same targets gets kind of boring to me.
  14. Hey Caribou, if you could, please put up a little more info on the calender. Maybe a phone number and closest city? I know a few of the ones you posted had them, but a few did not. Thanks.

    I'll be posting a bunch here shortly when I get a schedule. Hope to see you guys at a few shoots when the weather warms up. I'm shooting tommorow-if I don't freeze to death halfway through!
  15. hurry up warm weather
  16. Yea, CD2 get with the program. Your starting to slack on us here!
  17. Hey guys this is great. Maybe we can all get toghter at one of these shoots. That would be alot of fun. You guys can't laugh at me when you see how bad of a shot I am. When I get my list I will post them also.
  18. We won't laugh, we shoot with Q2XL all the time. :D LOLOLOLOL!!!!
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