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First bird was a bird I got my buddy on opening morning. Took some running and gunning and aggressive calling on my part but we finally got him him. His first Tom !!! He shot him at 7:15.

Second bird is mine for him opening morning as well. See them strutting in the field a one of our spots and put a set up on them and only took 5 mins of calling in the wind for my five yard shot and the bird to be done. Got him at 9:15

Last but not least this is my buddies first time turkey hunting and I got
Him a bird he was ecstatic ! And so stoked. He had him down at 7:05 this morning.
I'm happy with how this season is going love to see people get birds and know i helped them get it through tricking the birds to come in to my calling. Love to help people get there first animal cause that's one they will never forget. !!!

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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