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you start to loose knock down power with in a foot of your gun ..now a days with the turkey loads they make ..will put down a bird at 60 to 70 yards easy ..dead coyote 3.5 will kill a coyote at 80 yards.. so why would it not kill a turkey at 80 yards ??? and the 40 yard deal was made up way back when the turkey loads may of killed a bird from that far ..and yes everyone likes to get the toms close to them but in reailty it does not always happen like we like it to ..and any turkey hunter knows that ..i have shoot turkeys at 65 yards with no criples. heres one that i shot at 65 yards ..

look at his head thats with 3.5 in 5s 65 yards so yes it can be done ..but everyones is different ..oh and by the way i worked on this bird for 2 weeks before i took a long shot..
You will cripple far more than you kill shooting at 60+ yards with lead. It's tough keeping your pattern together for that long. Sure you can body slam them at 60 yards with hevi shot coyote, but IMO that defeats the entire purpose.

I'm not starving to where I have to take unethical (yes I said it, if you are shooting at birds consistently at 60+ yards I think you are unethical) shots. If I can't get the bird inside 45 yards I will hunt him another day or go to Kroger and buy a turkey if I want to eat one that bad.

On a side note I'm not buying the pic above was at 65 yards. Possibly 40 or 45. At 65 yards not too many chokes will keep the pattern together enough to have that many hits to the head to cause that much blood. I think you are stretching your range personally.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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