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2nd Rate Equipment

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by MadCatter, Jan 1, 2003.

  1. Yes

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  3. Never thought about it

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  1. Do you guys think that department stores and some of the online discount stores sell second rate equipment such as rods reels guns scopes ect. I had always thought that a seconds had to be marked ... Is it really better to pay more for the same item
  2. Dont really know for shure, I used to buy alot of tackle from walmart, heard it was factory 2nds, it seemed Ok......However I did by a abu garcia 6500-CL....It is not as good of reel as my 6500 C3..The CL means it is made for Walmart by ABU Garcia.

    I did contact ABU Garcia, and they told me, everything they sell to discount Stores is exactly like all other items they make.

    Maybe it was just my imagination, but the 6500CL just dont seem the same as the 6500?????

  3. I've never given it a thought, I own alot of shimmano spinning reels bought from all kinds of stores and they all perform about the same. I have three spirexs from 3 stores, wallmart-cabelas-and a small shop in michigan and they all work as good as each other.

  4. I don't see a conspiracy

    I don't think they let second's out in the market. At least not on purpose. I've bought tackle from a variety of sources & all the new stuff comes in a box with the warantees, etc. I have some CL reels too, bought used, the only difference I can see it they are black vs. grey in color. I opened them both up ( I got 2 6500CL3's and 1 6500C4) and could see no difference. Maybe Abu did that just so they could offer Wally world a deeper discount & put a CL on it so the other big buyers wouldn't complain (BPS, Cabelas, etc, etc)
  5. I believe the L series is a different model built for heavier use, but I could be wrong. Go to their website and check it out.
  6. I already asked, and was told the 6500CL3, is the same reel as the 6500C3.....I have never taken mine apart, but have had people tell me the 6500CL3 had plastic gears..But since MR fissh has taken his apart, seems there is no difference
  7. I never thought about it. I have reels I got from Walmart and from pro shops and they work out the same. Just a slightly different models is the only difference I find.;)
  8. Jack

    "Maybe it was just my imagination, but the 6500CL just dont seem the same as the 6500?????"
    I agree totally..i bought two 6500CL3's from Bhunter last year for $40 a pcs(he told me they were 650C3's, or i would not have bought them!!)
    Anyway, i know a few "other" catmen that use this same CL3..the clicker on them doesnt seem at all as loud as a regular C3...i have used 6500's for over 12 yrs and have seen and fished with a lot of versions(even the older 6000 series has a louder clicker) .
    I ended up giving those two reels away to work friends that were just geting into in NO way saying the CL3 is junk..just saying I personally could feel a diference in them...any way both of those reel i gave away worked great and both my buddys landed some great fish on them..Al got a 36lb flathead, Duane got a 30lb. flathead first year!
    And when we fished together i was always shocked at the LOW sound those clickers gave off when a cat would run..i like my clickers LOUD on baitcasters like my 430CX and Cal.700.
    I personally dont buy RODS & Reels from department stores like Wally World or K-mart..but thats just me!
    I know what i like and stick to it!
    The 6500's i use are for channel cats, or lighter line work flatheads in open water, they are the only Abu's i use..i'll stick to my Calcuttas and Quantum big irons for heavy work!
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  9. Good point Flats

    My 6500CL3 & the 6500C3 were bought the same way, pre-owned, not told they were CL# and one of them the clicker is barely audible. I took it apart to see if there was anything to do for it, not that I could tell....must be a way, but I was tired & don't really care for them too much. On mine, it's just the opposite, seems like theCL's were smoother.
    I'll stick with the CT700 & 7000C4's. I actually don't like to buy any rod off the floor anywhere as I've seen too many get droped & worked over by the customers. I just got that PM76MHF yesterday, but I know they just got them in. ;)
  10. Is there a way to make the clicker louder? I know there are a lot of other modifications for the Abu reels.
  11. Rooster

    Well that has been my biggest problem with the 7000C3 model i have..the clicker is not loud at all(still louder than the 6500CL3) but very poor indeed.
    I do remember reading an article in either the Catfish in-sider or guide about a replacement clicker for the 7000 series, but not sure if its just a replacement for worn out ones, or an IMPROVED version? I'll look it up and let ya know what i find.
  12. I buy most of my stuff from cabella's or bass pro cause I trust them. I might pick a up a jig or some line for my ultra light at walmart but that's about it.
  13. One thing I still get at wally world is cast nets..I went thru 8 of them last year, so for 16 bucks each I will stick with the superspreaders from wallmart..I know they are not the best, but I am not spending a bunch of money on a net that I will tear up!
  14. I agree with you on the nets flathunter, I went through about that many too last year. The shad were right into the banks most of the year and thost rocks and rebar along the lake shoreline reaked havock on them.

  15. WHAT???

    Jack 8 nets in ONE season...geez us man..thats unreal!
    I thought me going through a net each year was bad..WOW
    I like many types of nets including mono and nylon and use them all for different baits..i think i have about 7(good ) nets right now in the garage waiting to go.
    As far as brands of nets, i order mine, or have my parents pick me up one at Bass Pro in Orlando..i only use Fitec & Betts nets.