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27 point in Clermont

Discussion in 'Ohio Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by OhioBackstraps, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Anyone hear of a 200+ 27 point kill in Clermont county.
  2. I have pictures of a buck killed just outside of Cincy somewhere. Monster. Supposively my buddy is friends with the guy who killed it. Who knows.

  3. I've heard of the buck and couple of my hunting buddies say they have pictures of it but I have yet to see it.
  4. I have not heard of anything yet but if it was kill in clermont I should hear about it from someone... I will make a few calls tomorrow.
  5. This is what I got:::::
  6. Tags aren't green this year are they?

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  7. No tags are not green this year...

  8. Another Fake

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  9. The usual this time of year.

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  10. I dunno.....might b's why- here's a shed I found at an u disclosed clermont county hunting spot. I missed him while he was wearing it. His right side did not appear to have much junk though. You b the judge but he looks awful similar...if it is him, I'm heartbroke. Been hunting that deer for 4 years. Note the two drops. Split brow and the height of the brow also the short massive 2s amd 3s

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  11. Green tags were four years ago I believe

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  12. Werent they green last year?

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  13. Yeah they were green tags.
  14. I had a brain fart sorry guys lol. Here's a bruiser shot in Wisconsin, 27 pts and green scores 229 2/8". uploadfromtaptalk1349823264973.jpg

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  15. I can say it's real. I know the taxidermist doing it. I'm going to go check it out Friday.

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  16. I think it was killed off a farm with high fences. The farm that it was killed on raises exotic animals.
  17. Yea I have seen this pic. I will find out about it tomorrow. The guy that had posted it on facebook is a good friend. He didn't shoot it but will know the story... I Live in clermont...
  18. I can vouch for the man who shot the deer, it is legit. I have multiple pictures of this deer and even trail cam pictures from previous years. A guy my dad works with has been hunting this deer for years now, but has never been able to kill him. The guys neighbor, leased his land for $8000 and the man in the picture shot him on Friday night, October 5, 2012. He also successfully filmed the hunt himself, so with time, that should surface as well. In one of the pictures, you may notice the deer is mounted. This is due to the face that the man who has been hunting him for years had found his shed and paid his neighbor for the other half. This deer was not fenced in, free ranged.





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  19. IMG_1296.jpg

    This is the one that was mounted from the sheds
  20. Not sure you and your "2" total posts count for much vouching.

    That said I believe it and id love to get this shed to the hunter if abyone kniws him

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