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.22LR Small Game Ammo?

Discussion in 'Ohio Small Game Hunting' started by Hunt4Food, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Anybody picky about what they shoot? Whats your ":thumbs_up:", and whats your ":thumbs_down:" .22 rounds?
  2. I use cci long rifle

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  3. I picked up a case of CCI SGB (small games bullet) flat nose at Fin last weekend. 40 grn at 1235 fps, anxious to see how they do on sat.

    I also noticed that CCI makes a "Sub Sonic" HP 40 grn at 1050 fps. Less noise factor might be good for tree rats?
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  4. CCi

    CCI is all I shoot, i don't like value packs. Come on Saturday need me some bushy tails.
  5. I love the cci blazers. They shoot really good out of my marlin 60 with the squirrel stock that my grandpa gave me. It's good out to 75 yards. I've found them to group better then most high dollar rounds. They always have them on sale for $15 for 525 at my local GS. Me and my brother have ruger mark pistoles and we shot 10000+ Rounds of blazers and we hardly have any problems with them. Some gun makers give what fps the gun was made for. My marlin is 1280fps and blazers shoot that. I also like the heaviest bullet in that speed. Blazers are 40 grain round nose. I think that combo in my gun is perfict. Cci mini mags(40gr round nose) hit the same for me as blazers. It's all about what gun you have. Cci is the way to go.
  6. Cci

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  7. I too have really good luck with cci blazzers. Can't beat the price and if I need more accuracy I go with my 17 hmr

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  8. I'm not as picky as my rifles are about what I feed it. I do believe you feed it what it likes best. Whether it's cheap or expensive it's up to the rifle to tell you what it wants.... Then get as much as you can afford.....
  9. +2

  10. Winchester Power-Points, 40grain hollow-points! The heaviest hollow point & they mushroom out great. Or i use sub-sonics so the neighbors think its that brat kid lightn' off fire-crackers. Have tried C.B. caps but they seem to only injure squirrels & literally bounce off small musk-rats
  11. cci mini mag hollow pt 36 grain 1250fps
  12. Does anyone use Federal Bulk Hollow Points?
  13. Yes and the do very very well.
  14. CCI Stingers.....32 grain and over 1,600 fps
  15. The 40 grain PP's are at 1280 fps,

  16. I use CCI short hollow points outa my remington pump. I hunt squirrel and coon over dogs. I love these lil shells. Quiet and pack a descent punch.

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  17. My 1948 Mauser semi loves the CCI blazers or stingers.
  18. Out of curiosity and a stranger's advice at the gun show today, I picked a box of Aquilia Super Colibri, a 20 gr pointed bullet propelled by the primer only, no powder in the shell. Supposedly quiet as a mouse. We will see

    hope to rid the yard of tree rats.
  19. Let us know!!!

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  20. hello all. new here. I use (sadly) whatever is cheap.:yikes:
    although, my marlin 25n shoots anything I try pretty much same spot.